Andes Mountains

Roundup: Sustainable Development, Recovering Glaciers, and Disaster Governance

23 July 2018, by

In this week’s Roundup, read about experts united for sustainable mountain development, a study on the Holocene history of Helheim Glacier, and the impact on disaster governance in Ladakh, India.

Anthony Bourdain Discussed Bhutan’s Glaciers in Season Finale

19 July 2018, by

Interviews with two Bhutanese who met with Anthony Bourdain, the television personality and chef who committed suicide in June, during the filming of the last episode of the show before his death. They discussed glaciers as well as Buddhism.

Roundup: Religion, Economic Impacts, and Glacial Recession

16 July 2018, by

This week, explore climate change and religion, the economic impacts of climate change on glacial river systems, and the recession of the Drang Drung glacier.

Still Unresolved, Saga of Jumbo Glacier Resort Heads Back to Canadian Court

10 July 2018, by

Not over yet: There’s a new twist to the nearly thirty-year saga on the construction of Jumbo Glacier Resort in British Columbia of Canada. The developers have brought the case back to court, aiming to overturn government’s 2015 decision and resurrect the resort’s construction.

Roundup: Plant Life in Extreme Conditions, Freshwater in Tibet, and Alaskan Salmon

9 July 2018, by

In this week’s Roundup, we have the study of plant life in extreme weather conditions, an analysis of the availability of fresh water sources in the Tibetan Plateau, and research on the effect global warming on the Alaskan salmon population.

GlacierHub News Report 07:05:18

5 July 2018, by

The GlacierHub News Report is a bi-monthly video news report that features some of our website’s top stories. This week, GlacierHub news is covering glacier flow, glacier calving, and the environmental monitoring of Svalbard and Jan Mayen.

Indian Military Personnel Practicing Yoga for International Yoga Day 2018 (Source: Sadhguru/Twitter)

Yoga for Peace: Siachen Glacier’s International Yoga Day 2018

4 July 2018, by

It was -4 degrees Celsius, but the weather did not stop Indian soldiers at Siachen Glacier from commemorating International Yoga Day 2018 by performing yoga at the break of dawn. However, yoga is far more than just a peaceful sport to India.

Photo of Fly species examined by the study

Roundup: Mercury in Meltwater, Fish in Himalayas, and Black Flies in Colombia

2 July 2018, by

In this weeks Roundup, read about mercury in meltwater in Tibet, fish diversity in Himalayan streams, and black flies in Colombia.

Black Fly

Roundup: Iceland Eruption, Black Flies and Black Carbon

25 June 2018, by

In this week’s Roundup, read about the geology behind Iceland’s Holuhraun eruption, distribution of black flies in the Columbian Andes, and the effects of black carbon from Urumqi on glacier melting on the Tian Shan mountains.

GlacierHub News Report 06:21:18

21 June 2018, by

This week, GlacierHub News is featuring an assessment of the environmental impact of tourism in Tibet, deforestation on Mt. Kenya, cryoacoustics, and the adventures of a Filipino world traveler.

Roundup: East Antarctic Ice Sheet, Mining Impacts and Flood Preparation

11 June 2018, by

In this week’s Roundup, read about the fast moving margins of the East Antarctic ice sheet, environmental impacts of mining in glacier regions, and preparing for glacier lake outburst floods in India.

Meet the Writers of GlacierHub, 2017/2018 Edition

5 June 2018, by

Here at GlacierHub, we have a team of writers hailing from across four continents to bring you original daily reporting on glaciers and the global impacts of climate change. We hope you enjoy the website and this introduction to our GlacierHub team!