A Cap on Climbers at Mont Blanc

18 September 2018, by

Mont Blanc, the highest peak of Alps, faces a tourist cap issued by the French government after an increase in hiker deaths from rockfalls.

Photo of a helicopter dropping water

Photo Friday: Swiss Army Airlifts Water to Cows in High-Mountain Pastures

14 September 2018, by

This Friday, check out the Swiss Army’s efforts to bring water to thirsty cows in Alpine pastures in Switzerland.

Seeing is Believing: Project Pressure’s Cryosphere Exhibition at Unseen Amsterdam

11 September 2018, by

“When Records Melt,” the latest collaboration of Project Pressure, will make its debut in the Netherlands at Unseen Amsterdam, an international photography fair held annually at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam.

Photo Friday: Capping Crowds at Mont Blanc

7 September 2018, by

Interested in climbing Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest peak? You might just have to get in line. This Photo Friday, view images of the stunning White Mountain, on which France is imposing a daily cap of climbers starting next year.

Different textures of glaciers found in Colombia on GlacierHub

Colombia May Lose All of Its Glaciers in Next Thirty Years

29 August 2018, by

Colombia’s six remaining glaciers are likely to vanish in thirty years if current melting rates persist, says a recent study conducted by Colombia’s Instituto de Hidrología, Meteorología y Estudios Ambientales (IDEAM).

Highest Plants on Earth Discovered Near Glacier

28 August 2018, by

High above the sub-tropical forests and lush grasslands of Nepal, nestled between the scree and moraine from the glaciers of Mount Everest, plants are found braving the elements and surviving in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. Rarely studied, these plants are key to solving the mysteries of plant growth at the world’s […]

Photo of the Teesta River

Roundup: The Teesta River, World Water Week, and the Mountain Cryosphere

27 August 2018, by

In this week’s Roundup, learn about how climate change and policy affects South Asia’s Teesta River, see the launch of World Water Week, and discover the importance of the concept of loss and damage for the cryosphere.

GlacierHub News Report 08:23:18

23 August 2018, by

GlacierHub News Report 08:23:18 The GlacierHub News Report is a bi-monthly video news report that features some of our website’s top stories. This week’s newscast is special because managing editor Ben Orlove is joining our newscast. We will be presenting stories ranging from the IPCC to glaciers in Russia to a tradition of citizen climate […]

Barsuwat Glacier Causes Flooding and Artificial Lake in Pakistan

14 August 2018, by

The melting Barsuwat glacier triggered the formation of an artificial lake and a glacier lake outburst flood (GLOF) in the Ishkoman Valley of the Ghizer district, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. Such disasters are becoming more common in the region as a consequence of climate change.

Roundup: Deadly Glacier Calving & Groundbreaking Assessments

13 August 2018, by

For this week’s Roundup, read about a deadly glacier in Norway, inducting new species into the “highest known vascular plant” category, and a recent assessment report on glaciers in the Peruvian Andes.

Glacier Researchers Gather at IPCC Meeting in China

2 August 2018, by

The authors of a major IPCC report on oceans and the cryosphere gathered in Lanzhou, China, in July 2018. They discussed the reviews which the first draft of the report had received. They also planned the next steps to advance the report.

Iceman to Make Comeback in Solo Series

24 July 2018, by

“Ice to meet you.” Iceman, the coolest superhero, is stepping back into the spotlight with his very own solo series! Chill out for a while and see how Iceman will save the world next.