Roundup: Snow Algae, Dams in Ecuador, and Patagonia’s Cashmere

18 February 2019, by

This week’s Roundup features a study of snow algae and atmospheric carbon dioxide, China’s role in Ecuadorian dam construction, and recycled cashmere sweaters by Patagonia.

Photo Friday: Code Yellow at Mount Veniaminof

15 February 2019, by

Mount Veniaminof is a glacier-topped volcano located in southern Alaska. The Alaska Volcano Observatory has issued a code yellow advisory due to recent seismic activity and low-level ash emissions. 

Crash, Boom, Blast: Heavy Snowfall and the Threat of Avalanches

14 February 2019, by

With increased snowfall comes greater avalanche risk. In response, officials sometimes use controlled blasts to create avalanches that will minimize threats to adventure seekers in backcountry areas.

What Glacier State Congressmembers Think of a Green New Deal

13 February 2019, by

Glaciers are part of America’s iconography and boost local economies. But support for a Green New Deal among elected officials of glacier regions remains slim.

Drones in the Service of Sustainability: Tracking Soil Moisture in the Peruvian Andes

12 February 2019, by

Researchers used drones to obtain high-resolution images of soil moisture levels in proglacial valleys of the Cordillera Blanca range in Peru.

Roundup: A Milestone in Cooperation, Early Warning Systems, and an Avalanche in Peru

11 February 2019, by

This week’s GlacierHub Roundup features 125 years of glacier monitoring, UNDP recommendations on early warning systems, and an avalanche in Peru.

Hindu Kush Himalaya Assessment Outlines Potentially Dire Impacts of Climate Change

7 February 2019, by

Glaciers in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region are projected to shrink by one-third by the end of the century even if average global temperature rise is held to within 1.5°C, according to the authors of a comprehensive report of the region.

COP24 President Highlights Risk of Political Instability During NYC Visit

6 February 2019, by

Michał Kurtyka, a Polish energy minister who presided over COP24 negotiations in Katowice, Poland last December, visited Columbia University and participated in a UN Security Council meeting about the threat of climate change to international peace and security.

Heard Island Glacier Retreat Enables Lagoon Development

5 February 2019, by

Consistent with conditions across the sub-Antarctic region, the Stephenson and Winston glaciers on Heard Island have experienced significant retreat since 1947, which has led to the formation of lagoons.

GLOF Risk Perception in Nepal Himalaya

30 January 2019, by

Glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs) pose a significant, climate change-related risk to the Mt. Everest region of Nepal. A recent study finds risk perception of GLOFs is linked to a variety of socioeconomic and cultural factors.

Video of the Week: Kazakhstan’s Tuyuksu Glacier in The New York Times

30 January 2019, by

This week’s Video of the Week takes us to Central Asia, where a New York Times interactive documents ablation of the Tuyuksu Glacier, which supplies fresh water to millions down stream. But for how much longer?

Argentina’s Retreating Turbio Glacier Creates a New Lake

29 January 2019, by

The glacier, which lies at the headwaters of Argentina’s Turbio River, has shrunk by over 30 percent in 32 years.