‘Fire & Ice on the Mountain’: A Conversation with the Filmmakers

2 May 2018, by

GlacierHub had the opportunity to interview Bill Gentile and Karsten Paerregaard about the short documentary film, “Fire and Ice on the Mountain.” The film investigates the connections between religion and climate change in Peru.

East Greenland’s Iivit Communities: An Interview with Sophie Elixhauser

18 April 2018, by

In the following interview, GlacierHub interviewed Sophie Elixhauser to discuss her recently published book, “Negotiating Personal Autonomy: Communication and Personhood in East Greenland.” She shared her perspective of her time observing Iivit, or Inuit, in East Greenland.

A Woman’s Place Is at the Top: Interview with Hannah Kimberley

12 April 2018, by

Annie Smith Peck, born in 1850, was a mountaineer, an educator, and a suffragist, who broke many glass ceilings during her lifetime, including becoming the first woman to conquer Mt. Huascarán. In her latest biography, “A Woman’s Place Is at the Top,” author Hannah Kimberley explores the life of Annie Smith Peck and her efforts to overcome the barriers of gender inequality.

Artist Diane Burko Shows Us Our World, and It’s Vanishing

20 March 2018, by

An upcoming exhibition at the Rowan University Art Gallery in Glassboro, New Jersey, will feature large-scale paintings and photographs that offer a striking look into the contrasting world of beauty and despair. Artist Diane Burko will have her work on display until April 21, 2018.

Hiking Through Glacier National Park for a Cause

8 March 2018, by

A Climate and Society alumna from Columbia University will experience climate change first hand on a planned hike for Climate Ride at Glacier National Park.

Lee out in the field at Yellowstone National Park

Leaving No Stone Unturned: An Interview with Yellowstone’s Ice Patch Archaeologist

7 March 2018, by

Craig M. Lee is a renowned researcher in the field of ice patch archaeology. Learn more about his recent work and video on the Greater Yellowstone region.

Peruvian Farmer Explains His Lawsuit Against Energy Firm

22 February 2018, by

In a phone interview earlier this week with GlacierHub, Saul Lliuya, a mountain guide and farmer from Huaraz in the mountains of northwestern Peru, explains how he is preparing for the next step in his legal battle with multinational German energy corporation RWE.

Iceland’s Vanishing Beauty: An Interview with Michael Kienitz

8 February 2018, by

Michael Kienitz, a photojournalist based in Madison, WI, has been collecting images of the vanishing glaciers in South East Iceland for the last five years. In this time, he has witnessed dramatic changes in the shape and size of the Icelandic glaciers. He describes his experience of documenting such changes in Iceland in this interview with GlacierHub.

Interview with Alsak Grinsted, the Creator of Daily Glacier Bot

21 December 2017, by

Aslak Grinsted, a Danish geoscientist, has created a daily twitter feed, called Daily Glacier Bot, which features before and after images of individual glaciers. GlacierHub interviewed him on the techniques behind the bot, and on his reasons for developing it. He is seeking to promote understanding of climate change around the world.

A New Doctorate Program in Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Sciences Launches in Chile 

11 October 2017, by

Mike Kaplan, a researcher from the Earth Observatory of Lamont Doherty at Columbia University, has studied glacial history for 16 years between Puerto Varas and Antarctica. He recently traveled to Chile on a Fulbright scholarship in 2017 to plan content related to climate change, ecosystem ecology, geosystems, and conservation at the University of Magallanes. The […]

Major Report Stresses the Importance of Glaciers in a Global Context

3 October 2017, by

In September, a new report titled “Well Under 2 Degrees Celsius” was produced by the Committee to Prevent Extreme Climate Change, a global think-tank group made up of scientists, policy makers and military experts.

An Interview on Patagonian Imaginaries

30 August 2017, by

A recent paper in the Journal of Latin American Geography, “The Patagonian Imaginary: Natural Resources and Global Capitalism at the Far End of the World,” analyzes the construction of southern Andean Patagonia as an “ecoregion,” a label that has come to dominate the representation of the glaciated territory of Chile and Argentina. Through this representation, resource […]