No Change in Black Carbon Levels on Peruvian Glaciers, Despite Pandemic Quarantine

12 May 2020, by

An interview with Peruvian glaciologist Wilmer Rodriguez, who reports that despite the global coronavirus shutdown, anthropogenic black carbon levels on glaciers in Peru remains steady.

Celebrating Women in the Cryosphere

26 March 2020, by

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we selected five of our favorite stories about women in the cryosphere: a Japanese woman who was the first woman to summit Mount Everest, a Qashqai activist who lost her life when Iran downed a Ukrainian Airliner earlier this year, an all-female Andean climbing team, a glacier-based educational program for young women, and AGU President and polar scientist Robin Bell.

‘Most Ice on Earth is Very Close to Melting Conditions’

9 January 2020, by

Andreas Kääb says we need to understand how glaciers are shrinking in order to better adapt to climate change impacts such as changes to water supply, landslides and avalanches.

Swing, Kick, Swing: Ice Climbing on a Norwegian Glacier

7 August 2019, by

In previous GlacierHub posts, I’ve written about last chance tourism, but now, I was actually living it. In this story, read about my personal experience on Austerdalsbreen, a Norwegian glacier.

Illustrating the Adventures of German Naturalist Alexander von Humboldt

7 May 2019, by

Lillian Melcher tells GlacierHub about her approach to illustrating a new graphic novel that depicts the travels and discoveries of the influential scientist.

A C+S Alum Records Glacier Sounds in Peru

2 January 2019, by

GlacierHub spoke with Gustavo Valdivia, an alumnus of Columbia University’s MA Program in Climate and Society program, about his recordings of the sounds of the famous Quelccaya glacier in Peru.  

Inside the Gut of the Patagonian Dragon

28 November 2018, by

The Patagonian Dragon is at the top of the glacier food chain. What it eats and excretes is central to glacier and downstream ecosystems.

Junko Tabei, Japan’s Leading Woman Climber

13 November 2018, by

On May 16, 1975, Japanese mountaineer Junko Tabei became the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain at 8,848 m. Read her story.

GlacierHub’s 3000th Twitter Followers: Both of Them

18 October 2018, by

GlacierHub recently saw our number of Twitter followers pass the 3000 mark. We decided to reach out to the individual who was our 3000th follower. We looked at our list of followers and saw one person in that slot, and then looked again a few minutes later and found someone else at the same place. […]

Tsechu Dolma, winnter of Brower Youth Award, in Nepal

GlacierHub Writer Tsechu Dolma Wins Major Award

27 September 2018, by

GlacierHub writer Tsechu Dolma won an Asia Society Youth Award for her work founding the Mountain Resiliency Project. This climate resilience organization supports sustainability and social inclusion in villages in the Nepal Himalayas.

Anthony Bourdain Discussed Bhutan’s Glaciers in Season Finale

19 July 2018, by

Interviews with two Bhutanese who met with Anthony Bourdain, the television personality and chef who committed suicide in June, during the filming of the last episode of the show before his death. They discussed glaciers as well as Buddhism.

The Struggle for Water in the Andes

17 July 2018, by

A personal account of how village societies in the Peruvian Andes value water and claim authority over it.