Photo Friday: Mount Baker from Puget Sound

30 November 2018, by

This Friday, check out some photos of Mount Baker, a glaciated peak in the North Cascades. They were taken from San Juan Islands in Puget Sound. Very few glaciated peaks are actually visible from islands in the ocean.

Photo Friday: Flora Biodiversity in the Carabaya Mountains

23 November 2018, by

The Carabaya Mountains are home to over 506 vascular plant species. View some photos of these unique plants here.

Photo Friday: Finding Glaciers in Alaska

16 November 2018, by

This Photo Friday features pictures of glaciers captured during a trip to Alaska by GlacierHub writer, Jasmine Gill.

Photo Friday: Exhibiting The Icebergs

2 November 2018, by

This Photo Friday features “The Icebergs,” painted by Frederic Edwin Church in 1861, on permanent display at the Dallas Museum of Art.

Photo Friday: Glaciers in the Canton of Valais

26 October 2018, by

This Photo Friday, view images from the canton of Valais in Switzerland, where ten of the 12 highest summits in the Alps are located. Alpine photographer Fiona Bunn’s latest 2019 alpine calendar includes many of these 4,000-meter peaks found in Valais.

Photo Friday: An Antique Bicycle Emerges from Melting Italian Glacier

19 October 2018, by

An antique bicycle showed up after Rotmoosferner Glacier in the Ötztal region of the Italian Alps melted at 3,000 meters.

A Collaboration on Mustang, Nepal: Capturing Its Culture and History in Black and White

16 October 2018, by

A new collaboration on Mustang, Nepal, displays artistic and antiqued photographs juxtaposed with poetic and evocative text.

Photo Friday: Along the Copper River Highway

12 October 2018, by

This Photo Friday, enjoy a photo essay of a drive along the Copper River Highway in Alaska out to the delta of the Copper River, said to be the largest contiguous wetland of the Pacific Coast of North America.

Photo Friday: Restless Veniaminof Volcano

5 October 2018, by

The Alaska Volcano Observatory reports seismic unrest at Veniaminof, a glacier-covered volcano on the Alaska Peninsula.

Photo Friday: China’s Disappearing Glaciers

28 September 2018, by

As people in China celebrate the harvest season, the melting of Xinjiang’s glaciers is threatening the water source and agriculture of the Urumqi city.

Photo of a helicopter dropping water

Photo Friday: Swiss Army Airlifts Water to Cows in High-Mountain Pastures

14 September 2018, by

This Friday, check out the Swiss Army’s efforts to bring water to thirsty cows in Alpine pastures in Switzerland.

Photo Friday: Capping Crowds at Mont Blanc

7 September 2018, by

Interested in climbing Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest peak? You might just have to get in line. This Photo Friday, view images of the stunning White Mountain, on which France is imposing a daily cap of climbers starting next year.