Photo Friday: An Antique Bicycle Emerges from Melting Italian Glacier

19 October 2018, by

An antique bicycle showed up after Rotmoosferner Glacier in the Ötztal region of the Italian Alps melted at 3,000 meters.

A Collaboration on Mustang, Nepal: Capturing Its Culture and History in Black and White

16 October 2018, by

A new collaboration on Mustang, Nepal, displays artistic and antiqued photographs juxtaposed with poetic and evocative text.

Photo Friday: Along the Copper River Highway

12 October 2018, by

This Photo Friday, enjoy a photo essay of a drive along the Copper River Highway in Alaska out to the delta of the Copper River, said to be the largest contiguous wetland of the Pacific Coast of North America.

Photo Friday: Restless Veniaminof Volcano

5 October 2018, by

The Alaska Volcano Observatory reports seismic unrest at Veniaminof, a glacier-covered volcano on the Alaska Peninsula.

Photo Friday: China’s Disappearing Glaciers

28 September 2018, by

As people in China celebrate the harvest season, the melting of Xinjiang’s glaciers is threatening the water source and agriculture of the Urumqi city.

Photo of a helicopter dropping water

Photo Friday: Swiss Army Airlifts Water to Cows in High-Mountain Pastures

14 September 2018, by

This Friday, check out the Swiss Army’s efforts to bring water to thirsty cows in Alpine pastures in Switzerland.

Photo Friday: Capping Crowds at Mont Blanc

7 September 2018, by

Interested in climbing Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest peak? You might just have to get in line. This Photo Friday, view images of the stunning White Mountain, on which France is imposing a daily cap of climbers starting next year.

Photo Friday: Pigeon Island’s Potential Glacial Erratic

31 August 2018, by

Have you ever seen a massive rock in the middle of nowhere and wondered how it got there? There’s a chance ancient glaciers transported it and left it behind when it melted. This Photo Friday, check out a potential glacial erratic on Newfoundland’s Pigeon Island.

Mount Baker in Bellinham on GlacierHub

Photo Friday: Mount Baker Amid Haze from Fires

24 August 2018, by

This Photo Friday, catch a glimpse of some live photos of Mount Baker from Bellingham, Washington. The area is currently experiencing hazy conditions due to forest fires sweeping across British Columbia and eastern Washington.

Record-speed melting ice in Greenland

Roundup: New Scholarships, Planetary Thresholds and Threatened Glaciers

20 August 2018, by

This week, learn about a new scholarship that was offered this year to Quechua speakers, the dangers of crossing planetary thresholds, and how Columbia’s glaciers may become extinct.

Photo Friday: Dodging Fires in Glacier National Park

17 August 2018, by

Have you heard about the fires engulfing part of Glacier National Park in Montana this week? GlacierHub writer Natalie Belew was in the park when the fires struck and captured photographs of the rapidly receding glaciers from the Grinnell Glacier trail in Many Glacier.

Photo Friday: Glaciers as Symbols in Ecuador

10 August 2018, by

In honor of Ecuador’s National Day, we dedicate this week’s Photo Friday to looking at how glaciers have been used as national symbols in Ecuador. From the coat of arms to stamps, Ecuadorians have recognized how important glaciers are to the country and its people.