Photo Friday: Mer de Glace, a “Sea of Ice”

16 February 2018, by

A trip to the French Alps, home of the famous Mont Blanc and majestic Mer de Glace, or “Sea of Ice,” inspired this author to consider the tragedy of a glacier-less world for future generations.

Photo Friday: Black History Month & Expedition Denali

9 February 2018, by

In honor of Black History Month, this Photo Friday showcases the exciting story of the first all-African American team to climb Denali, the highest peak in North America.

Iceland’s Vanishing Beauty: An Interview with Michael Kienitz

8 February 2018, by

Michael Kienitz, a photojournalist based in Madison, WI, has been collecting images of the vanishing glaciers in South East Iceland for the last five years. In this time, he has witnessed dramatic changes in the shape and size of the Icelandic glaciers. He describes his experience of documenting such changes in Iceland in this interview with GlacierHub.

Photo Friday: Juneau Icefield Expedition

2 February 2018, by

Today’s Photo Friday offers insight into a field expedition led by a group of explorers consisting of students, faculty, and staff from around the world. The Juneau Icefield Research Program, one of the longest running glacier expeditions, has been offering students a chance to learn about glaciers through field research conducted on Juneau Icefield.

Photo of women preparing a potato soup in Ecuador.

Photo Friday: Soups of the Mountains

26 January 2018, by

This Photo Friday celebrate National Soup Month by checking out some of the unique soups eaten in mountain communities around the world!

Photo Friday: Core Of Climate Science

19 January 2018, by

This Photo Friday, examine Earth’s climate past through Peggy Weil’s film “88 cores,” showcasing ice cores going back more than 110,000 years from the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Photo Friday: High Exposure with Doug Scott

12 January 2018, by

Doug Scott, one of mountaineering’s all-time greats, shares his mountain photography for the first time in all black and white at the D-Contemporary Gallery in Mayfair, London.

Historical image of Cavell Meadows

Photo Friday: Rephotography Captures Mountain Change

5 January 2018, by

This Photo Friday, check out the transformation of four Canadian mountains and glaciers through the lenses of a repeat photography project.

Photo Friday: Capturing Climate Change Through Art

29 December 2017, by

This Photo Friday, view Zaria Forman’s painstakingly drawn, detailed pastel drawings that transport viewers to remote areas and showcase landscapes in flux.

As Alaska Glaciers Shrink, Salmon Populations May Also Decline

28 December 2017, by

A new study investigates the future impacts of climate change on healthy salmon populations in the Alaska region through a case study based on the Kenai river and the Chinook salmon. This topic is of great importance for the fishing communities: indigenous, sport and commercial fishers in the area.

Photo Friday: Ring in the Holidays with Reindeer on Glaciers

22 December 2017, by

In this week’s Photo Friday, let’s take a trip to the glaciers, mountains and tundras that Donner and Blitzen call home.

Photo Friday: The Annual Meeting of the American Geophysical Union

15 December 2017, by

Glaciers played a prominent role at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), the world’s largest organization of Earth and space scientists.