Iceberg Melt Rates and Glacier Frontal Ablation: Seller and Heim Glacier, Antarctica

19 May 2020, by

A new study re-emphasizes the importance of considering the ocean’s role in forcing changes on ocean-terminating glaciers.

Roundup: Melting Glaciers Move Borders, Peruvian Study Opens Door for Glacial Research, and Glacier Meltwater Acoustics

18 May 2020, by

In this week’s Roundup read about how melting glaciers are shifting a border in Europe, how a glacial runoff study in Peru opened a door for research, and what the sounds glaciers make can show us about their health.

Photo Friday: Piecing Together an Adventure During Quarantine

15 May 2020, by

If you are going stir crazy at home as quarantine continues and are looking for a way to escape reality, try solving a jigsaw puzzle that takes you on a journey to the top of an ice-capped mountain. Actually, solving jigsaw puzzles does provide a metaphorical escape from the times in life when we we’ve seemingly lost all control. They have been proven to boost mental health by offering psychological order to the chaos we feel around us.

A Minority of Peruvian Mountain Farmers Benefit From Government Pandemic Programs

14 May 2020, by

The Peruvian government declared the sale of flowers and ornamental plants to be “essential” to the nation, but longstanding barriers limit retail to formal enterprises, shutting out an estimated 70% of the country’s growers. Farmers in the highlands of Peru are among the most impacted.

No Change in Black Carbon Levels on Peruvian Glaciers, Despite Pandemic Quarantine

12 May 2020, by

An interview with Peruvian glaciologist Wilmer Rodriguez, who reports that despite the global coronavirus shutdown, anthropogenic black carbon levels on glaciers in Peru remains steady.

Roundup: Norwegian Glacier Change, Climbing Federation Refocuses Priorities, and Antarctic Meltwater Influence on Phytoplankton

11 May 2020, by

In this week’s Roundup, read about the uniform retreat of recently advancing Norwegian glaciers, the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation’s restated priorities, and how Antarctic meltwater is influencing phytoplankton, the base of marine food webs.

Video of the Week: Quechua Artist Raps in Mountain Landscape

6 May 2020, by

Bouncing Latin trap beats mix with the whistling sound of the quena, a Peruvian wind instrument of the Andes, in rapper-singer Renata Flores’ latest music video “Qam hina,” released this past fall.

Roundup: Coronavirus Update from Peru, Tajikistan

4 May 2020, by

In this week’s Roundup, many US states allow ‘stay home’ orders to expire. Meanwhile, in the glacier state of Peru the virus continues its upward trajectory and in Tajikistan, in the Pamirs of Central Asia, the virus has made a sudden impact.

As The Climate Shifts A Border Moves

30 April 2020, by

Italy’s northern border shifts with the melting of the glaciers after a pair of agreements created the novel concept of the moving border. As the effects of climate change have manifested, the border has moved significantly. Even though the distances in question are not large, this case from two EU countries tests conceptions of what a border is.

Video of the Week: Measuring Mass Balance on an Austrian Glacier

29 April 2020, by

Glacier mass balance is an indicator of a glacier’s overall health. In this week’s Video of the Week researchers document the process of recording the mass balance of Multwitzkees glacier in the Austrian Alps.

Fogo Island’s Icebergs

28 April 2020, by

Bonnie McCay was on her brief annual stay at her Newfoundland home in early March when coronavirus shut the world down. After spring arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, the sea ice melted and it wasn’t long before icebergs began showing up off Fogo Island.

Roundup: Glacier Regions Coronavirus Update From Ecuador, Pakistani Karakoram, the Caucasus, and the US

27 April 2020, by

In this week’s Roundup, food security issues crop up in Pakistani Karakoram as workers return, while the frustration of farmers mounts in Ecuador and Georgia. Ramazan began last week, presenting a new challenge for countries with significant Muslim populations tempted to gather.