Nuns in Nepal Rebuild Sustainably

11 February 2016, by

For more than eight months I have been working on a project to help restore a remote mountaintop Tibetan nunnery in Nepal, which was devastated by the earthquake last year. These activities draw directly on the religious traditions of the nuns and on indigenous building practices of the region. Four days after the earthquake on […]

Identifying the Peregrine Falcons on Alaska’s Coast

12 January 2016, by

A new study sheds light on the Peregrine Falcons which populated an area in Alaska after retreating glaciers opened it to colonization. Though earlier researchers believed that this new habitat was filled by the subspecies from nearby coastal areas, the researchers found an inland subspecies in this area. Icy Bay, the study site, was entirely […]

A Visit to a Glacier Goddess

20 November 2015, by

During my recent visit to Bhutan, a shopkeeper in a mountain village mentioned to me that there was a temple located high up in a valley on Mount Jomolhari.  It contained an image of the local deity, he added, the goddess of the mountain.  These facts, mentioned quite casually, stirred my curiosity and made me […]

An Abundance of Yaks

12 November 2015, by

A trip with two colleagues to the Jomolhari area of northwestern Bhutan in October gave me hope that yak-herding remains an active part of the regional economy. We hiked for two weeks through villages and high pastures and up near the mountain’s glaciers, both along major trails and in less-traveled sections. I met some herders […]

A Walk Up Jomolhari

5 November 2015, by

A trip to Bhutan last month provided me with an opportunity to visit one of the glaciers in the country along the crest of the Himalayas. I had hoped for such a trip since I first visited Bhutan in 2011, since I was curious to learn what local people thought about glacier retreat, but I […]

Norwegian Ice Tunnels Address Climate and Mythology

22 October 2015, by

At the heart of the Juvflye plateau in Norway, icy tunnels are carved in the Juvfonne snowdrift. The tunnels attract tourists, who are there to learn about climate change, Norse mythology, history and nature as part of the Mimisbrunnr Climate Park. The park was named after the well of knowledge in Norse Mythology. According to the myth, Odin, father […]

Photo Friday: Exploring Imja Tsho in Nepal

16 October 2015, by

Check out photos of Imja Tsho (or Imja Lake), a glacial lake created by the accumulation of meltwater at the foot of the Imja Glacier in the Himalayas in Nepal. The meltwater, located at the toe of both the Imja and Lhotse Shar glaciers, is held in place by a terminal moraine. Enjoy the landscape […]

Photo Friday: Iceland through Instagram

25 September 2015, by

This week, Fulbright scholar and researcher M Jackson shares a glimpse of her work and travel in Höfn, Iceland, which she deems “cryosphere paradise,” as captured through Instagram. [slideshow_deploy id=’6291′] M Jackson is a U.S. Ph.D. candidate at the University of Oregon. She’s currently based in Höfn, Iceland, through a U.S. Fulbright-National Science Foundation Arctic Research […]

Roundup: Glacial melting, biking, and touring

7 September 2015, by

  Shrinking Glacier Is Backdrop to Obama’s Message on Climate Change “President Barack Obama hiked to a shrinking glacier Tuesday, traveling to this icy expanse to deliver a visual message to the country: This is what climate change looks like. Mr. Obama spent the day in the Kenai Mountains, exploring Exit Glacier, which has retreated as […]


Photo Friday: Images from an Andean Expedition

4 September 2015, by

Gustavo Valdivia, an anthropology PhD student at Johns Hopkins University, as well as a former contributor to GlacierHub, went on an expedition to Quelccaya Glacier in the Peruvian Andes this summer, led by the prominent glaciologist Lonnie Thompson. In a recent email to GlacierHub, he wrote, “In these photos, I try to document the way that […]

Photo Friday: The Snow Star Festival

28 August 2015, by

In the Peruvian Andes, tens of thousands of pilgrims climb to the Sinakara valley to participate in an annual, multiple day celebration – Qoyllur Rit’i, or the Snow Star Festival. Held under a waning moon, the festivities are surrounded by the looming glaciers of Mount Qullqip’unqu. The Catholic festival celebrates not only Jesus, but also the mountain gods […]

Meru – The Story of The Impossible

25 August 2015, by

A spine-chilling documentary of three climbers, Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk, premiered in New York last week. It shows how they maintained a fine balance between insanity and persistence as they filmed their climb of the Shark’s Fin on Mount Meru.  It is grim trying to understand the drive it took to attempt […]