Advances in Developing Peru’s National Policy for Glaciers and Mountain Ecosystems

16 April 2019, by

Peter Oesterling, a former Fulbright Public Policy Fellow with the Peruvian Ministry of Environment’s National Institute for Research on Glaciers and Mountain Ecosystems, describes the country’s efforts to sustainably manage its glaciers.

Cracks in the Paris Agreement

1 June 2017, by

Major cracks have appeared in recent months in Petermann Glacier in Greenland and the Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica. These cracks are advancing and will soon release enormous icebergs into the ocean, one the size of the state of Delaware. They will allow ice from the interior of Greenland and Antarctica to flow into the […]

Editorial: Viewing the Election from the Summits of Glaciers

9 November 2016, by

The weather was sunny on Election Day in western Washington, with widely scattered clouds or entirely clear skies.  As residents made their way to polling places, many had views of the state’s mountain peaks. Yes! — Is the Mountain Out? (@IsMtRainierOut) November 8, 2016 The  results that came in late that night showed that […]