A Woman’s Place Is at the Top: Interview with Hannah Kimberley

12 April 2018, by

Annie Smith Peck, born in 1850, was a mountaineer, an educator, and a suffragist, who broke many glass ceilings during her lifetime, including becoming the first woman to conquer Mt. Huascarán. In her latest biography, “A Woman’s Place Is at the Top,” author Hannah Kimberley explores the life of Annie Smith Peck and her efforts to overcome the barriers of gender inequality.

Fox’s Glacier Mints (Source: Fox’s Glaciers/Twitter)

Fox’s Glacier Mints Celebrates its 100th Anniversary

11 April 2018, by

What are some similarities between a glacier and a mint? They are both refreshing and cool. Cleverly naming their transparent mint candy, Fox celebrates the 100th anniversary of their famous “Fox’s Glacier Mints.”

Video of the Week: Shedding Light on Glaciers

4 April 2018, by

This week, journey to New Zealand’s largest glacier to shine a light on the impact of climate change on glaciers.

Photo Friday: Vanishing Glaciers by Project Pressure

30 March 2018, by

This Photo Friday, view images from “Vanishing Glaciers by Project Pressure,” a touring photographic exhibition being exhibited this week at the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change in Hong Kong.

Glacial Melting Isn’t Someone Else’s Problem

21 March 2018, by

This work written by Dana J. Graef first appeared last month on SAPIENS. As many glaciers throughout the world are retreating at faster rates, they have become powerful symbols of global warming. But glacial retreat is still an abstract idea for many people, which makes it easy to ignore. What tough questions should we be asking ourselves?

Artist Diane Burko Shows Us Our World, and It’s Vanishing

20 March 2018, by

An upcoming exhibition at the Rowan University Art Gallery in Glassboro, New Jersey, will feature large-scale paintings and photographs that offer a striking look into the contrasting world of beauty and despair. Artist Diane Burko will have her work on display until April 21, 2018.

Video of the Week: Ice Memory

14 March 2018, by

In a bid to preserve ice cores from some of the world’s most endangered glaciers, scientists are creating a global ice archive sanctuary in Antarctica.

Photo Friday: Exploring the Possibility of Glaciers in Wakanda

9 March 2018, by

The newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Black Panther,” is set in the fictional Eastern African nation of Wakanda, which contains their exclusive metal vibranium, but does it contain glaciers?

Reconstructing Norway’s Oldest Garment: the Tunic of Lendbreen

14 February 2018, by

In 2011, archaeologists came across a crumpled piece of cloth in the ice of Lendbreen Glacier. When examined, it turned out to be an incredibly well-preserved 1,700-year-old tunic that became the oldest piece of clothing found in Norway. Now it has been reconstructed.

Iceland’s Vanishing Beauty: An Interview with Michael Kienitz

8 February 2018, by

Michael Kienitz, a photojournalist based in Madison, WI, has been collecting images of the vanishing glaciers in South East Iceland for the last five years. In this time, he has witnessed dramatic changes in the shape and size of the Icelandic glaciers. He describes his experience of documenting such changes in Iceland in this interview with GlacierHub.

One of Pilø’s team members finding an remarkably well-preserved arrow near a melting ice patch at 1900m in Jotunheimen

Hunting for History through the Eyes of the Ice

6 February 2018, by

In the mountainous region of Norway, glacier archaeologists have recently discovered over 2,000 artifacts. Through radiocarbon dating, they have reconstructed trends in intensity of reindeer hunting and civilization from 4000 CE.

Photo Friday: Core Of Climate Science

19 January 2018, by

This Photo Friday, examine Earth’s climate past through Peggy Weil’s film “88 cores,” showcasing ice cores going back more than 110,000 years from the Greenland Ice Sheet.