Glacier Tanks: An Ode to Mount Hood

31 October 2018, by

When a beer equipment manufacturer set up shop in the shadow of Oregon’s glaciated Mount Hood in 2006, the name for their brand was right in front of them.

Photo Friday: Glaciers in the Canton of Valais

26 October 2018, by

This Photo Friday, view images from the canton of Valais in Switzerland, where ten of the 12 highest summits in the Alps are located. Alpine photographer Fiona Bunn’s latest 2019 alpine calendar includes many of these 4,000-meter peaks found in Valais.

Photo Friday: An Antique Bicycle Emerges from Melting Italian Glacier

19 October 2018, by

An antique bicycle showed up after Rotmoosferner Glacier in the Ötztal region of the Italian Alps melted at 3,000 meters.

A Collaboration on Mustang, Nepal: Capturing Its Culture and History in Black and White

16 October 2018, by

A new collaboration on Mustang, Nepal, displays artistic and antiqued photographs juxtaposed with poetic and evocative text.

Video of the Week: Kok Boru (Goat Polo) at the World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan

26 September 2018, by

In this weeks video of the week check out the sport of Kok Boru at the World Nomad Games held in Kyrgyzstan.

Photo Friday: World Nomad Games 2018

21 September 2018, by

The 2018 World Nomad Games took place in the Kyrgyz Republic on September 2, featuring thousands of athletes from 77 countries competing in 37 types of ethnosports.

Seeing is Believing: Project Pressure’s Cryosphere Exhibition at Unseen Amsterdam

11 September 2018, by

“When Records Melt,” the latest collaboration of Project Pressure, will make its debut in the Netherlands at Unseen Amsterdam, an international photography fair held annually at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam.

Alpine Photographer Reflects on Changing Face of Mountain Landscapes

9 August 2018, by

Mountains are undergoing their own process of change, which appears to be accelerating, and from which there can be no return. Alpine photographer Fiona Bunn reflects on these new landscapes and what it means for those who appreciate them.

Amid High-Tech Alternatives, a Reckoning for Iceland’s Glacier Keepers

31 July 2018, by

It may be one of the longest-running examples of citizen climate science in the world. With Iceland’s glaciers at their melting point, these men and women— farmers, schoolchildren, a plastic surgeon, even a Supreme Court judge— serve not only as the glaciers’ guardians, but also their messengers.

Iceman to Make Comeback in Solo Series

24 July 2018, by

“Ice to meet you.” Iceman, the coolest superhero, is stepping back into the spotlight with his very own solo series! Chill out for a while and see how Iceman will save the world next.

Photo Friday: Disney Princesses Grow Up to be Earth Scientists

6 July 2018, by

This week’s Photo Friday showcases some of our favorite Disney princesses depicted as earth and environmental scientists, including a glaciologist!

Film ‘Arctic’ Shot on an Icelandic Glacier

3 July 2018, by

The new movie “Arctic,” set on a glacier, premiered at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival in France.