A Swiss Exhibit You Can’t Miss

25 November 2015, by

Swiss Glacier Museum has stunning new “Glaciers of the World” exhibit.

A Visit to a Glacier Goddess

20 November 2015, by

During my recent visit to Bhutan, a shopkeeper in a mountain village mentioned to me that there was a temple located high up in a valley on Mount Jomolhari.  It contained an image of the local deity, he added, the goddess of the mountain.  These facts, mentioned quite casually, stirred my curiosity and made me […]

Photo Friday: Kazakhs of the Altai Mountains

20 November 2015, by

The Altai Mountains in Central Asia, located where Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan meet, is home to a diverse and intriguing population. Altai is Turkic-Mongolian for golden and this land of vast beauty has several glaciers, including Tsambagarav Glacier pictured below. One particularly interesting population in this region is the Mongolian Kazakh, who tame golden eagles to hunt from the heights of these formidable mountains. Enjoy these photos of […]

Glacier Showdown at the Mall

11 November 2015, by

Replacing Christmas Trees with Christmas Glaciers in Santa mall displays angers public.

Understanding Glaciers through Indigenous Cultures

4 November 2015, by

Glaciers are bound to the culture of humans who live in harmony with them and to understand the full implications of glacial loss we must include the cultural importance of the glaciers.

Glacier Stars in New Bollywood Film

27 October 2015, by

It is not unusual for the viewer of a Bollywood movie to be transported to the pyramids of Egypt, the Swiss Alps, or even the metropolis of midtown Manhattan, as the backdrop for actors’ most intense emotion–whether that is romantic love or a sense of being lost in the world. Recently, the Thajiwas glacier, in […]

Photo Friday: A Snapshot of Svalbard

9 October 2015, by

Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago tucked in between Norway and the North Pole. Especially known for its views of the Northern Lights and its summer “midnight sun,” in which sunlight graces the archipelago 24 hours a day, Svalbard is also known for its glaciers, which cover around 60 percent of Svalbard’s land area. Project Pressure, […]

GlacierHub is Seeking Contributions for a Video

15 September 2015, by

GlacierHub is looking for contributions to a video that we are preparing to distribute before COP21, the major international climate conference that will be held in Paris this December. We hope that you, as a reader of our website, could join us in this project. We plan our video to include a number of short segments […]

Glacier Girl

Roundup: Border claims, melting, and a new superhero

14 September 2015, by

Mont Blanc: fresh row over territory as France blocks glacier access   “A fresh row over borders has erupted between France and Italy on Mont Blanc – or Monte Bianco – after the mayor of Chamonix blocked access to a precarious glacier that the Italians claim is in their territory. Eric Fournier took the decision to […]

Cameron Glacier Valley Map

Photo Friday: Glacial Moraine Maps as Art

11 September 2015, by

Joerg Schaefer, a geoscience researcher at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University, specializes in tracing the history of moraines through cosmogenic radionuclide dating. He depicts the results of his research in maps of moraines–the accumulation of glacial till and sediment at the end, or snout, of a glacier, or along its sides. While scientific in nature, the […]

Installing Water in the Art Gallery and the Human Mind

9 September 2015, by

François Quévillon is an artist from Montreal whose work engages directly with questions of human experience of the world, at a time when nature itself is in deep crisis, and when human perception is shaped by the intrusion of media and technology into many domains of life. He refuses to slot himself as someone who […]

Photo Friday: The Snow Star Festival

28 August 2015, by

In the Peruvian Andes, tens of thousands of pilgrims climb to the Sinakara valley to participate in an annual, multiple day celebration – Qoyllur Rit’i, or the Snow Star Festival. Held under a waning moon, the festivities are surrounded by the looming glaciers of Mount Qullqip’unqu. The Catholic festival celebrates not only Jesus, but also the mountain gods […]