Cape Farewell and The Farewell Glacier

2 March 2017, by

Artist David Buckland cares deeply for the health of the planet and believes the rest of the world should care as well. In 2001, he founded the Cape Farewell Project, an international non-profit based at the University of Arts London in Chelsea. He recently co-authored an article titled, “The Cultural Challenge of Climate Change,” along […]

Sting’s New Music Video Highlights Climate Change

1 March 2017, by

Sting released a new music video in January for his song “One Fine Day,” which highlights challenges caused by climate change. The song warns humans of the dangers we pose to the planet, including melting polar ice caps, animals losing their ecosystems and changes in weather cycles. Sting is currently on tour to promote his new […]

How Many Super Bowl Ads Showed Glaciers?

7 February 2017, by

Like many of our readers, we at GlacierHub watched the Super Bowl LI on Sunday. We were pleased to see that several of the ads showed mountains that have—or might have—glaciers on their summits. We invite you to email us at and let us know which of these look like real glaciers to you. […]

Extreme Skiing Expedition Raises Climate Change Awareness

25 January 2017, by

As glacial ice melts due to global warming, explorers Borge Ousland and Vincent Colliard are in the process of skiing across the world’s 20 largest glaciers to raise awareness about climate change. Deemed the Alpina & Ice Legacy Project, the plan seeks to have the duo cross the world’s most isolated glacial realms over the […]

A Living Piece of History: An Outdoor Ice Rink in New Zealand

24 January 2017, by

The remains of an outdoor ice rink near Mount Harper/Mahaanui in New Zealand offer insight into the establishment, use and decline of what may have been the largest outdoor ice rink in the Southern hemisphere. The privately built rink on South Island was a popular social amenity from the 1930s to the 1950s, playing an […]

Photo Friday: Mount Kailash

13 January 2017, by

Sometimes called “the third pole,” the Tibetan Plateau is a remote and mysterious place with numerous mountains and glaciers. Among the region’s many mountains, the most sacred is Mount Kailash, a holy place for four religions: Bön, Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. The Tibetan people believe that Gang Rinpoche (Kailash’s Tibetan name) is their spiritual home. Worshiping the […]

Nepali Artist Speaks This Week in New York and New Hampshire

11 January 2017, by

This week provides a rare opportunity to hear the story and view the work of Tenzin Norbu – artist, hereditary lama, and social entrepreneur of Dolpo, Nepal – who divides his time between his mountain community, a studio and gallery in Kathmandu, and traveling around the world to promote his art and the work he […]

Presence and Absence: Mourning a Himalayan King

3 January 2017, by

A shortened version of this article was published in the Nepali Times on December 23, 2016.   One Thursday last month, not much before noon, I was walking through a forest steeped in snow, in rural Vermont. Sun came and went between the clouds. It was quiet, spare. Crystalline light reflected off the frozen surface […]

Photo Friday: Historic Images of Glaciers

30 December 2016, by

The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) advances scientific research on the frozen areas of the Earth, known as the crysophere, and the climate that influences them. Founded in 1976, the center manages a data archive and educates the public about the cryosphere, including the world’s glaciers. Scientists of the NSIDC specialize in collecting […]

How Arctic and Subarctic Peoples Perceive Climate Change

29 December 2016, by

Indigenous Arctic and Subarctic communities face social and environmental challenges that could impact their traditional knowledge systems and livelihoods, decreasing their adaptive capacity to climate change. In a paper featured in Ecology and Society, Nicole Herman-Mercer et al. discuss recent research that took place during an interdisciplinary project called Strategic Needs of Water on the […]

New Glacier App, A Finalist for Swiss App Awards

21 December 2016, by

A new glacier-themed app is a finalist for this year’s Swiss App Awards, an elite competition for mobile and app developers. The wgms Glacier App gives users access to the glacier database of the World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS) right from their smartphone, with over 3,700 glaciers loaded on it. Created by the WGMS at […]

Photo Friday: International Mountain Day

9 December 2016, by

In honor of International Mountain Day on Sunday, December 11th, GlacierHub is excited to share with you our most-liked photos on Instagram. You can follow us @glacierhub for more images collected by our authors. After all, who doesn’t love amazing photos of glaciers? And don’t forget to check out more info on International Mountain Day, […]