Video of the Week: Quechua Artist Raps in Mountain Landscape

6 May 2020, by

Bouncing Latin trap beats mix with the whistling sound of the quena, a Peruvian wind instrument of the Andes, in rapper-singer Renata Flores’ latest music video “Qam hina,” released this past fall.

Video of the Week: Nepali Celebrities Take Part in Coronavirus Song

15 April 2020, by

A COVID-19 song performed by Nepali A-list entertainers was published in March of this year. The song warns about the novel coronavirus and describes actions to reduce the spread.

Photo Friday: Travel and Trade Fair Promotes Mountain Communities

27 March 2020, by

The Kailash Confluence was a travel and trade fair hosted in the Humla District in Nepal. The event was designed to encourage the preservation of the shared culture of Humla and Pulan County in TAR, China. The photo book of the event highlights religious traditions and the trade of local products.

Glacier Retreat Poses Threat to Beer Production

12 March 2020, by

Glacier retreat in Washington State’s Cascade Mountain Range may threaten the irrigation of hops crops in the Yakima Valley, where a large portion of the global supply of hops, a key ingredient in beer production, are grown.

Black History Month: Honoring an Arctic Explorer

27 February 2020, by

In April 1909, two men arrived at the North Pole for the first time—but for most of history only one of them was properly recognized for it. Who was the other explorer? A black man named Matthew Henson.

Roundup: Bernie Wins First Glacier State Caucus, A Cryosphere Congressional Hearing, and Using Drones to Monitor Ice Flow

24 February 2020, by

In this week’s Roundup, the first glacier state to caucus in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary votes for Bernie Sanders, a congressional hearing focuses on the cryosphere, and unmanned aerial vehicles prove effective at ice flow monitoring.

Photo Friday: French President Emmanuel Macron Dons Ski Suit and Visits Mont Blanc and Mer de Glace

21 February 2020, by

Last week, French President Emmanuel Macron took the tram from the Alpine village of Chamonix up to Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain, to pay homage to the legendary massif and reflect on the toll climate change is exacting on its great glacier, the Mer de Glace.

Coronavirus is Expanding Into the Mountain Regions of Western China

13 February 2020, by

The novel coronavirus—officially known as COVID-19—is gaining altitude. The mysterious flu-like respiratory illness is creeping into the country’s mountainous western provinces high on the Tibetan Plateau. While the number of cases in these areas still remains low, there has been a slow uptick in infections in recent days.

Ancient Mosses Add to the Story of the Iceman’s Final Days on Earth

30 January 2020, by

After 5,300 years, Ötzi the Iceman continues to divulge secrets. Scientists recently identified 75 different species of mosses and liverworts in, on and around the glacier mummy that reveal secrets about his final 48 hours.

Video of the Week: We are Staying in Lo Manthang!

29 January 2020, by

The new music video for the Nepali song Lomanthang Mai Basam, by Ramji Khand and Sangita Thapa Magar (featuring Ramji Khand and Sangita Thapa Maga), was shot on location in Upper Mustang, Nepal, and features many breathtaking images of the country’s revered glaciers.

At Glacier’s End: Protecting Glacial Rivers in Iceland

21 January 2020, by

A new book by photographer Chris Burkard and storyteller Matt McDonald advocates for the creation of a new national park covering most of Iceland’s Highland region.

New Insights into Bergfilm and Contemporary Environmentalism

16 January 2020, by

A recently published article examines the contributions of the Bergfilm- or “mountain film”- to contemporary environmental views. The article specifically reviews two films by German geologist and cinematographer, Arnold Fanck.