Epidemics and Population Decline in Greenland’s Inuit Community

20 December 2018, by

A recent study by Kirsten Hastrup in the journal Cross-Cultural Research looks at the history of health and environment of the Inuit people of Greenland’s Thule community, considered by some to be international leaders in climate change adaptation.

Qoyllur Rit’i: Changing Tradition Due to Glacial Melt

29 November 2018, by

Each year, during the southern hemisphere’s winter solstice, thousands of pilgrims gather from Peru and Bolivia to celebrate Qoyllur Rit’i. As the Qollqepunku glacier retreats, specific traditions of Qoyllur Rit’i are changing.

Human Interference in the Pacific Northwest & Alaska: Will Wild Salmon Survive?

1 November 2018, by

Anthropogenic environmental changes such as fossil fuel extraction and glacial retreat, are two substantial negative impacts affecting salmon species. But not all news is bad news, according to recent research published in BioScience.

Ecuador Presents High Mountain Projects at World Water Week

20 September 2018, by

FONAG, the organization which protects and restores the water resources for the Ecuadorian capital city of Quito, played a significant role in presenting high mountain issues to World Water Week, a major conference which was held late last month in Stockholm.

Photo of the Ngozumpa Glacier in Nepal.

New Study Highlights Loss & Damage in Mountain Cryosphere

13 September 2018, by

Few places on Earth have been as affected by climate change than the mountain cryosphere, making it an ideal environment to study the policy concept of Loss and Damage.

Urumqi River on GlacierHub

After ‘Peak Water,’ the Days of Plenty Are Over

15 August 2018, by

As the Urumqi No. 1 glacier melts, discharge increases until a maximum is reached. Learn more about the concept of peak water and its significance in hydrology.

Adapting to Glacier Retreat in Peru’s Huascarán National Park

8 August 2018, by

A recent article in Regional Environmental Change by Mattias Borg Rasmussen explores the nexus of climate change, retreating glaciers, and conservation landscapes in the context of Pastoruri Glacier in Peru’s Huascarán National Park.

Climate Risk Adaptation for Flooding in the Indian Himalayas

19 June 2018, by

A recent study from Environmental Science and Policy reviews a pilot program in the Indian Himalayas that considers climate risk for glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs) and other weather-related flooding to create an adaptation plan specific to the region.

Indigenous Communities and The Mountain Institute Awarded St Andrews Prize for the Environment

22 May 2018, by

The 2018 St Andrews Prize for the Environment was awarded on April 26 to The Mountain Institute, Peru and indigenous communities for efforts to help mountain communities adapt to the loss of glaciers.

Photo of the draining of a glacial lake

The Glacier Law Conundrum: Protecting Glaciers or Limiting Hazard Response and Adaptation?

5 April 2018, by

Glacier protection laws have been developed to protect glacial environments from commercial activities such as mining. However, they also pose a potential conflict with the mitigation of glacial hazards and adaptation to climate change.

A Settlement in the Taklamakan Desert in Southern Xinjiang (Source: Kasidah/Pinterest)

Melting Glaciers Create Uncertain Future for Xinjiang

28 March 2018, by

Xinjiang is an arid region in China with droughts posing a key problem to future sustainability. With meltwater as a major water source, new research shows that glaciers in the region are responding differently to climate change.

Inequality, Climate Change and Vulnerability in Peru

13 March 2018, by

A recent study of the vulnerability of small-scale farmers in Ancash, Peru, suggests that climate change is just one of several factors placing pressure on farmers. Instead, a collection of socio-political and economic factors are the main cause of vulnerability.