Video of the Week: Icebergs at Kiwi Glacier’s Proglacial Lake

Kiwi Glacier is one of the longest glacier in British Columbia. Located in the Cariboo Mountains, this glacier is 9 kilometers long and drains into a growing lack near the headwaters of the Fraser River, the longest river in British Columbia.

According to an article on AGU100 Blogosphere, this glacier has retreated about 700 meters from 1985-2015. Scientists have found that the proglacial lake has grown significantly during that period, from 700-800 meters long to 1400-1500 meters long today. Author Mauri Pelto wrote that since the lower 300 meters of the glacier is flat, the lake will at least extend that far with increased melting.

Check out this video below by Ben Pelto, PhD student at the University of Northern British Columbia. Hundreds of icebergs of all shapes and sizes can be seen drifting on Kiwi’s lake.

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