Video of the Week: Work Inspired by John Ruskin

Sheffield’s Millennium Gallery is currently hosting an exhibition called “John Ruskin: Art & Wonder,” which is part of an international celebration marking the birth, 200 years ago, of the influential English art critic.

“Ruskin’s passion for nature began in childhood with a fascination for minerals and mountains,” wrote the gallery’s curators. “Later in life he wrote at length about geology, botany and zoology, explaining how the study of natural history was central to his thinking around both art and architecture. Ruskin believed an understanding of the natural world enriches our lives in many ways; for him, appreciating its beauty was just as valuable as any scientific knowledge.”

Among the works exploring Ruskin’s appreciation for the natural world is a piece by English artist Dan Holdsworth.

A video of Holdsworth’s work posted to Twitter by Lucy Wright shows glacier-like layers of ice enveloping rock formations.

The exhibit is on display until September 15, 2019.

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