Roundup: Geopolitics in South Asia, “Last Chance Tourism,” and Antarctic Fjords

Glacier Geopolitics In South Asia

From the Daily Times: “India threatens Pakistan to stop its water flow from the Beas, Ravi, and Sutlej [Rivers] to Pakistan. In response Pakistan said that they are not concerned if New Delhi diverts its water from eastern rivers. India has already withdrawn the most favored nation (MFN) status to Pakistan and increased the duty import up to 200 percent. This all is due to the Pulwama attacks in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), where a suicide bomber killed more then 40 CRPF troops on 14th of February.”

Read more about the geopolitical dispute here.

“Last Chance Tourism”

From the Annals of Tourism Research: “With reference to virtue ethics and ethics of care, this paper discusses ethical challenges of tourism consumption and the last chance tourism marketplace … findings extend current discourses on last chance tourism by situating visitors’ lack of care for climate threatened destinations as a response to a tourism market that normalizes the consumption of socio-ecological decline.”

Read more about “last chance tourism” in the research article “Place stewardship among last chance tourists” here.

Paradise Bay, Antarctica (Source: Michael Morris, Flickr)

Biological and Optical Properties of Glacial Meltwater in Antarctic Fjord System

From Plos One: “As the Western Antarctic Peninsula (WAP) region responds to a warmer climate, the impacts of glacial meltwater on the Southern Ocean are expected to intensify. The Antarctic Peninsula fjord system offers an ideal system to understand meltwater’s properties, providing an extreme in the meltwater’s spatial gradient from the glacio-marine boundary to the WAP continental shelf. Glacial meltwater discharge in Arctic and Greenland fjords is typically characterized as relatively lower temperature, fresh and with high turbidity.”

Learn more about Antarctic fjord systems and the associated biological and optical properties here.

Hovgaard Island, Antarctica (Source: Steven-ch, Flickr)


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