Video of the Week: Himalayan Rap

This week’s video features Himalayan rap set in New York City. The rap refers to the new generation of the land of snow and to classic items of Tibetan cuisine, specifically Tsampa, made from barley flour and mixed with Tibetan butter tea. Named after Tsampa, the rap is produced by Zurich-based Tibetan rapper Karma Emchi, also known as “Shapaley.”

“Listen! I am a nomad from the grassland, a son of the land of snow, a tsampa eater! Tsampa eater,” he raps. “Honesty and warm-heartedness is our attitude; love and compassion the basis of our soul.” The rap highlights the identity of the young Tibetan generation with reverence for Tibetan culture and cuisine. It also reflects how the new generation has inherited tradition from their parents.

Check out the video here.



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