Photo Friday: Norway’s Climate Quiz

This Photo Friday features pictures from an online quiz called “What Do You Really Know About The Climate?” The quiz was posted by journalists Sjur Øverås Knudsen and Gry Eirin Skjelbred of NRK, the largest media organization in Norway. Following the publication of the IPCC’s Special Report on Warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius in October 2018, these two journalists compiled a seven-question quiz so people could test their knowledge of the world’s largest emitters of CO2, factors contributing to climate change, and how food contributes to emissions. After answering each question, the quiz shows a short blurb explaining the correct answer.

Below are the photos accompanying some of the quiz questions. Click here to take the quiz (which was originally published in Norwegian), and test your climate knowledge!


cars driving at night on GlacierHub
Question 1 asks which listed country emits the most CO2 (Source: China Stringer Network/Reuters).


driver of climate change on GlacierHub
Question 4 asks what is the main driver of the climate change we see today (Source: Kai Stokkeland/NRK).


food on GlacierHub
Question 5 asks how food waste contributes to global greenhouse gas emissions (Source: Knut Bry/Nationen).


polar ice on GlacierHub
Question 6 is a True/False which asks if there is a large scientific consensus about the human contribution to climate change (Source: Harvey Goodwin/Norwegian Polar Institute).

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