Photo Friday: Finding Glaciers in Alaska

Last summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Alaska, where I backpacked around the southeastern region visiting the Byron, Matanuska and Raven glaciers. I was not prepared for the overwhelming power of these massive, ancient ice formations. Though they seem unmovable, it is clear they are retreating. It is easier to ignore climate change until you are standing in the wake of it. I left the trip feeling ready to help raise awareness about some of our world’s most sublime but vulnerable terrains.

This Photo Friday, enjoy some images of the Alaskan glaciers captured during my trip.

Feeling small at the foot of the Byron Glacier in Girdwook, AK (Source: Jasmine Gill).


The Matanuska Glacier seems to go on forever. It stretches 27 miles long and 4 miles wide (Source: Jasmine Gill).


This is the Raven Glacier as seen from our camp on Crow Pass (Source: Jasmine Gill).


Two friends atop the Matanuska Glacier, grateful for the power of glaciers and guitars (Source: Jasmine Gill).

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