Video of the Week: Plateau Perspectives

After many years in the making, a documentary was released in October 2017 about Plateau Perspectives, a Canadian non-profit organization founded by Marc Foggin that is dedicated to protecting the ecological integrity of the Tibetan Plateau and improving the well-being of local mountain communities. This film sought to capture the lives of Plateau Perspectives’ volunteers and their relationships with local residents. According to a note from the producers, translated from Chinese, “In the creation of this video, the soul and nature of their work are captured, combined with visuals of some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.”

For this week’s Video of the Week, learn about the important work that Plateau Perspectives does for the glacierized mountain landscapes of the Himalayas and Central Asia through the film’s trailer. After watching this two-minute teaser, be sure to check out the entire 24-minute production here.

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