Video of the Week: New Iceberg in Greenland

Earlier this week, Denise Holland from New York University’s Center for Global Sea Level Change captured an epic video of the birth of an iceberg. The new iceberg was formed from a recent calving event as it separated from its parent, the Helheim Glacier, in Eastern Greenland. As described on EarthSky, the iceberg, if laid atop New York City, would stretch from lower Manhattan to Midtown. The wide and flat tabular iceberg proceeded to break into two as it travelled down the fjord.

Holland and her team were studying glacier calving events in Greenland to create more accurate simulations for global sea-level rise. Although the video is only 100 seconds, the entire event supposedly lasted for over 30 minutes. For other techniques, GlacierHub has previously covered this use of time-lapse photography and sound to study glacier calving.

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