Photo Friday: Japanese Glacier Manga

A highly anticipated new French volume of a 2015 comic book by Japanese graphic artist Yuichi Yokoyama is due to debut in September 2018. The book, “Iceland,” or “La Terre de Glace,” has appeared in both English and Japanese and features a fantasy country with glaciers. Yokoyama prefers the term “gekiga” over “manga” to describe his comics that bring to life a glaciated fictional landscape somewhere close to the Arctic region by utilizing the relationship between image and time.

A positive review in The Comics Journal says that the “tense, terse text stands up fine on its own as a jagged shard of narrative content and as an exemplar of its creator’s talent for arrestingly meticulous, ambitious design.” This Photo Friday, view images from Yokoyama’s “Iceland,” in anticipation of the September release.


Another debut @spxcomics –
“Iceland” by Yuichi Yokoyama (Source: @RetrofitComics/Twitter).


“Iceland” by Yuichi Yokoyama from Retrofit Comics (Source: @Hopeless Sapling/Twitter)
Preview of “Iceland” by Yuichi Yokoyama (Source: @RetrofitComics/Twitter).


Page from “Iceland” by Yuichi Yokoyama (Source: Retrofit Comics/Facebook).


“La Terre de Glace” is due out in September 2018 (Source: FNAC).


Iceland opens with a sequence revealing the frozen setting (Source: AVClub).


Yuichi Yokoyama’s “Iceland” highlights how loud comics can be (Source: @TheAVClub/Twitter).




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