Photo Friday: Girls on Ice

“Girls on Ice” is part of Inspiring Girls Expeditions, wilderness science education programs for high school girls between the age of 15 and 17. Each summer, the program leads an expedition of eight to nine teenage girls and three instructors with expertise in glaciology, ecology, art, and more to glaciers around the world. The program first began in 1999 when instructors Michele Koppes and Erin Petit led five girls up the south fork of the Cascade River to reach the South Cascade Glacier. Since then, there have been multiple themed programs based on the locations of the expeditions. Girls on Ice, in particular, leads an expedition to the world’s glaciers, guiding the girls to explore the environment themselves. The program aims to foster critical thinking essential for scientific inquiry and encourage these young people to break the deeply rooted gender barriers in STEM.

Below are photos taken during Girls on Ice expeditions in Canada, Alaska and Switzerland.

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Photo taken during the Girls on Ice expedition in Switzerland (Source: Inspiring Girls).


Picture taken during Girls in Icy Fjords expedition in Sewad, Alaska (Source: Inspiring Girls).


Another picture taken during the Fjord expedition (Source: Inspiring Girls).


Picture taken during the GIrls on Ice expedition in Alaska (Source: Inspiring Girls).


Picture taken during the Girls on Ice expedition in the Cascades (Source: Inspiring Girls).



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