Photo Friday: NASA’s Renewed Operation IceBridge

Since 2009, NASA’s Operation IceBridge embarks on an annual polar journey to document the Earth’s most remote and rapidly changing landscapes to better understand connections between polar regions and the global climate system. Using a fleet of research aircrafts to collect multi-dimensional images, IceBridge is dedicated to studying the annual changes in the thickness and position of sea ice, glaciers and ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica.

This campaign, alongside the Oceans Melting Greenland, began ongoing deployments to Greenland in March. This Photo Friday, explore images from the IceBridge flights from last week’s deployments, and keep up with the latest photos and news from IceBridge through the NASA ICE twitter page.

The calving front of Northwest Greenland’s Petermann Glacier from last Thursday’s flight (Source: NASA ICE/Twitter).


A winding river through Alaska seen on Saturday’s flight (Source: NASA ICE/Twitter).


Sunlight breaking through the cloud cover over the Brooks Range in Alaska from Saturday’s flight (Source: NASA ICE/Twitter).


While flying back to the Thule Air Base last Tuesday, the team captured this winding route of a glacier (Source: NASA ICE/Twitter).


An isolated mountain in the Brooks Range of Alaska captured last Friday (Source: NASA ICE/Twitter).

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