Photo Friday: Shiveluch Volcano Eruption in Siberia

Shiveluch Volcano, a super volcano in Siberia, erupted on Wednesday. The volcano is located in the northernmost portion of the glacier-covered volcano belt in the Russian Far East called the Kamchatka Krai. Although no locals were believed to be impacted by the blast, the Shiveluch eruption spewed ash 10 kilometers into the sky. The ash cloud has reportedly been extended to a length of 100 kilometers, chiefly in the southeastern direction. An “Orange” aviation warning was issued by the Kamchatka Volcanic Response Team. Airlines were advised to change their flight routes as ash particles could stall the aircraft’s engine. The Russian volcano service had also issued volcanic ash advisories since early November. Prior to this event, Shiveluch erupted almost a decade ago in March 2007.


Lava fresh out of the vent (Source: BirGün Gazetesi/Twitter)
Lava fresh out of the vent (Source: BirGün Gazetesi/Twitter).


Ash spewing from the glacier covered Shiveluch Volcano (Source: İhlas Son Dakika / Twitter)
Ash spewing from the glacier covered Klyuchevskoy Volcano (Source: İhlas Son Dakika/Twitter).


Satellite view of the ash cloud (Source: NASA).


The pristine view of the Shiveluch Volcano before its eruption (Source: Uykoal/Instagram)
The pristine view of the Klyuchevskoy Volcano before its eruption (Source: Uykoal/Instagram).

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