Roundup: Kyrgyzstan Protests, Alaskan Glacial Runoff, and Rap Music

Kyrgyzstan -Allows Mining Companies to Drill Glaciers

From AKIpress: “Government of Kyrgyzstan won’t recall draft amendments to the water code of Kyrgyzstan that allow glacier mining in the country… This statement called outcry among those gathered. The participants of the round-table discussion condemned the government.”

Learn more about the protests against the new law here.

Alaska’s Glacial Runoff Contributes to Coastal Marine Food Webs

From Global Change Biology: “Nearly half of the freshwater discharge into the Gulf of Alaska originates from landscapes draining glacier runoff, but the influence of the influx of riverine organic matter on the trophodynamics of coastal marine food webs is not well understood… This work demonstrates linkages between terrestrial and marine ecosystems, and facilitates a greater understanding of how climate-driven changes in freshwater runoff have the potential to alter food web dynamics within coastal marine ecosystems in Alaska.”

Learn more about the findings here.

Glacial runoff from Alaska’s Worthington Glacier (Source: punahou77/Flickr).

Glaciers and Rap

From Rap-Up: “Brrr! Gucci Mane isn’t stopping. Fresh off the debut of Mr. Davis, the newlywed has already announced his next album, El Gato the Human Glacier […] which translates to The Cat the Human Glacier, [and] is set to follow the success of Mr. Davis, which opened at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 with 70,000 units (21,000 traditional) in its first week.”

Learn more about Gucci Mane’s announcement of a new album here.

Rap artist Gucci Mane (Source: Rap-Up/Twitter).

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