Photo Friday: Mingyong Glacier

Tucked away in northeastern Yunnan Province of China at an altitude of 2,700 meters (8,858 ft), a sacred, low-altitude glacier called Mingyong Glacier has experienced rapid recession in recent years. With close proximity to the famous tourist site Meili Snow Mountain Range, Mingyong Glacier’s recession has substantial environmental consequences for the remote Tibetan villages, as well as economic consequences due to the fact a major portion of the regional economy depends on tourism to sites like Mingyong and Meili.

For this Photo Friday, enjoy some images from the lowest-lying glacier in China: Mingyong Glacier.

Mingyong Glacier, a low-altitude glacier, that feels the effects of the changing climate with a rising tree line (Source: Chen Zhao/Flickr).


Mingyong Glacier in northeastern Yunnan Province of China (Source: timquijano/Flickr).


Lianhua Temple and the Mingyong Glacier (Source: Sonya Laukkanen/Flickr)


Feili Temple by the Meili Snow Mountain Range. The snows that falls on this range helps to feed Mingyong Glacier (Source: James Wheeler/Flickr).

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