Photo Friday: The Canvas of Phillip Baumgart

Phillip Baumgart is a Colorado-born photographer and educator who has recently been working in the heavily glaciated terrains of China and Kyrgyzstan. He specializes in travel and portrait photography, and his images have appeared in Lonely Planet Magazine and China Daily. He has taken on pro-bono assignments for numerous NGOs, such as Catalyst Asia and Babushka Adoption. See more of his images at or on Instagram at @ladystem.


A Nepali mahout (elephant keeper) stand atop his elephant during “Elephant Bathtime” in Chitwan, Nepal (Source: Phillip Baumgart).


A horseback rider atop a ridge near Toktogul, Kyrgyzstan (Source: Phillip Baumgart).


A performer at Mongolia’s 2016 Naadam Festival Opening Ceremony. The festival celebrates the three traditionally masculine pursuits of archery, horse-racing and wrestling. (Source: Phillip Baumgart).


A pilgrim spins the prayer wheel at Boudhanath Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal (Source: Phillip Baumgart).


The Village of Kochkor in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan (Source: Phillip Baumgart).


Fishermen afloat Inle Lake, Myanmar at sunrise (Source: Phillip Baumgart).


Briksdal Glacier in Western Norway (Source: Phillip Baumgart).


A young Buddhist monk runs along the road near Mandalay, Myanmar (Source: Phillip Baumgart).


A spectator at the horse races of Mongolia’s Naadam Festival just outside the nation’s capital, Ulaanbaatar (Source: Phillip Baumgart).

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