Photo Friday: The Qilian Mountains

Located at the border of Qinghai Province and Gansu Province in China, the Qilian Mountains are the outlier of the Kunlun Mountains. Since the range is at the south of Hexi Corridor (the historic route from eastern China to other countries in Asia), it is also known as “Nanshan.”There are notable mountains in the mountain chain, including the Grand Glacier, Torey Mountains, Shulenan Mountains, and the Danghenan Mountains. The Shulenan Mountains, for example, sweep down to Qinghai Province and spread for 350 kilometers. The average height of the mountain tops is about 5000 meters. The middle of Shulenan Mountains is also the highest area of Qilian Mountains with three mountain tops higher than 5500 meters. At these high elevations, there are well-developed glaciers in the area including eight major glaciers.
Snow covers the mountain tops all year long and livestock herds graze in the well-watered valleys. Learn more about Qilian mountains here and view GlacierHub’s collection of images.
Qilian (source: Great Han / Flickr)
The Qilian Mountains in China (source: Great Han/Flickr).


Mount Qilian in Spring (source: Kid Chen / Flickr).
The Qilian Mountains in spring (source: Kid Chen/Flickr).


Mount Qilian in Summer (source: Kid Chen / Flickr).
The Qilian Mountains in summer (source: Kid Chen/Flickr).


Mount Qilian in fall (source: Xiwu).
The Qilian Mountains in fall (source: Xiwu).


Mountain Qilian in winter (sourece: Nick Song / Flickr).
The Qilian Mountains in winter (sourece: Nick Song/Flickr).


Shule River near Qilian Mountains (source: Binglan).
The Shule River near the Qilian Mountains (source: Binglan).


Startrack at Zhuoer County near Qilian Mountains (source: Zongseshijue).
Startrack at Zhuoer County near the Qilian Mountains (source: Zongseshijue).

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