Photo Friday: Scott Conarroe’s Shifting Borders

Scott Conarroe’s photography exhibit Frontière, Frontiera and Grenze, displayed at Fine Art Lugano in Switzerland from May 19 to July 29, is in its last week.

The title of the work translates to the word border in French, Italian and German. Conarro’s photographic study of the glaciers was inspired by the shifting borders between European countries that were drawn based on glacier boundaries. Global warming has caused retreat of the glaciers and melting of permafrost, which has lead to collapse of the ground below and a shifting of the mountain surfaces and their historic borders.

The exhibit is a part of Project Pressure, a charity documenting the world’s vanishing glaciers.  See more of Conarroe’s photographs here.


Chaltwasser Gletscher in Switzerland: 2014 (Source: Scott Conarroe)


Sulzenauferner in Austria/Italy: 2015 (Source: Scott Conarroe)


Sella’s photograph of Siniolchu in the Himalayas, taken from the Zemu Glacier (Source: Sella/CC).

From Fine Art Lugano:

“Photographica FineArt is proud to present, together with the Alpine glaciers’ photographs by Vittorio Sella (1859 – 1943), the latest work by the Canadian photographer Scott Conarroe (1974) that was inspired by the continuous movement of boundaries along the Alps due to the glacial melting and watershed drift.”


Waxeggkees, Austria: 2015 (Source: Scott Conarroe).

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