GlacierHub is Seeking Contributions for a Video

GlacierHub is looking for contributions to a video that we are preparing to distribute before COP21, the major international climate conference that will be held in Paris this December. We hope that you, as a reader of our website, could join us in this project.

Girardin 1We plan our video to include a number of short segments in which an individual appears on camera, explaining a word that he or she has chosen for us to bring to the COP. Our goal is for each person’s word to convey a particular idea that glaciers can teach us about climate change and about actions that people can take now to address it.

Please send us your ideas by emailing us at You could submit one word, or two or three. We will organize these ideas, and then set up skype calls to make videos of the contributors. For the video, we will add subtitles for the people who do not speak English.

At GlacierHub, we have been struck by how many different countries we have been represented in our posts: Nepal, Bhutan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Chile, Peru, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand, to name a few. In many of these cases, the posts have been written by people from these countries. We are eager to have international and diverse voices represented at COP21– and to have the different languages represented as well.

Tubiana 1The editors and writers at GlacierHub thought of this idea after we saw a video “Three words to talk about COP21.” In this video, three senior French officials–shown here in screenshots–present the words that each chose to express what the COP means to them. We thought that the video was interesting, and that the words are strong. But  the range of ideas and experiences could have been broader, especially for a video for an international conference. We would like to have more countries represented, more cultures, more languages. We think it is crucial to promote a dialogue that includes voices from areas with long histories of engagement with landscapes and with decades of experience of climate change.

This diversity would bring a variety of perspectives to the COP, and convey the great importance of glaciers as a key element in our rapidly changing world. The words would complement the nine that were chosen, all from France, all in French. We would be glad to see words in Quechua, Tibetan, Kyrgyz or Lukonzo, in Spanish, Icelandic or Schwyzertüütsch.

Hulot 1So, please send us your ideas. In your message, please include your word or words, with a sentence or two about each. Please be free and creative. Once again, the email is

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