Roundup: Glacial melting, biking, and touring


Shrinking Glacier Is Backdrop to Obama’s Message on Climate Change

“President Barack Obama hiked to a shrinking glacier Tuesday, traveling to this icy expanse to deliver a visual message to the country: This is what climate change looks like. Mr. Obama spent the day in the Kenai Mountains, exploring Exit Glacier, which has retreated as the planet has warmed, touring the area by boat and even taping a segment for an outdoor adventure show. The president’s arguments were familiar, but the White House is hoping that a change in scenery will help galvanize support for combating global warming. His visit comes as public consensus in the U.S. is growing that the earth is heating up and that people are responsible.”

Read more from the Wall Street Journal about Obama’s trip to Alaska here.

Video of Biking Down a Glacier

The new film, “unReal,” produced by Anthill Films & Teton Gravity Research, features intense biking down a glacier.

To learn more about the upcoming film, click here.

Visualizing Glacier Melt Impacts

“With record temperatures and minimum flows in most rivers in the Cascade Range during July and August of 2015, a key question was how much did glaciers contribute in basins that are glaciated?  Note the water pouring off the glacier and the lack of snowcover in the first few minutes of the video.”

Read more here.


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