Photo Friday: Glacier Crevasses

When glaciers retreat under rocky terrain, they form cracks which vary in width, depth and length. These cracks are called crevasses. A person who encounters a crevasse may appreciate nature’s beauty and form, or find the crevasse very frightening. Glacier climbers often explore crevasses along their way and scientists descend down a crevasse to study and observe glacial features.

For this week’s Photo Friday, we present photos of glacier crevasses, courtesy of Flickr users Jono Hay, Clay Junell, daveonhols, Vern, Andrew. E. Larsen and Dan Zelazo.

For more information on how glacier crevasses are formed in Iceland, read here.

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Photo Friday highlights photo essays and collections from areas with glaciers. If you have photos you’d like to share, let us know in the comments, by Twitter @glacierhub or email us at

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