Photo Friday: Tulips in the Wild

Few people have had seen tulips grow in their original habitat even though they are a familiar presence in gardens and florist shops. Here is a great opportunity to discover the tulips that are native to some of the most remote places on earth. Mountains at high elevations, especially the area centering on the glacier-filled Pamirs and Tien Shan Mountains of Central Asia, are the habitats of wild tulips. The bulbs of these flowers store energy which allows them to grow quickly in the short spring and summer seasons at high elevations. Many wild tulips grow in rock crevices on these mountains. Some wild tulips may languish in garden soil in a more temperate climate – they can only survive in their natural habitats. “Ironic as it may seem, many of these rugged beauties are easily killed with kindness.” Eric Breed, a freelance bulb photographer and a member of Tulips in the Wild , states on his website. Eric and his friends travel to the lands where tulips grow wild and capture the most beautiful moments of these flowers.

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Many thanks to Sally Ferguson, Colorblends and the Amsterdam Tulip Museum for their help.

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