Roundup: Film on Eco-trek, Black Carbon in Andes, Alpine Stonefly

Pad Yatra: A Green Odyssey

“Pad Yatra: A Green Odyssey is the adventure of 700 people trekking across the Himalayas with a call to save the planet’s “3rd Pole,” a glacial region now devastated by the climate chaos associated with global warming. Battling the most treacherous terrain on the planet, the trekkers spread their message of ecological compassion through human’s most basic means – by walking on foot, village to village, and showing by example. ”

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Black Carbon in Peruvian Andes 

Glaciers in the tropical Andes have been rapidly losing mass since the 1970s. In addition to the documented increase in temperature, increases in light-absorbing particles deposited on glaciers could be contributing to the observed glacier loss. Here we report on measurements of light absorbing particles sampled from glaciers during three surveys in the Cordillera Blanca Mountains in Peru.

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peru 1
The Peruvian Andes (source: flickr)


Endangered Alpine Stonefly

Climate warming poses a serious threat to alpine-restricted species worldwide, yet few studies have empirically documented climate-induced changes in distributions. The rare stonefly, Zapada glacier (Baumann and Gaufin), endemic to alpine streams of Glacier National Park (GNP), Montana, was recently petitioned for listing under the US Endangered Species Act because of climate-change-induced glacier loss, yet little was known about its current status and distribution.

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Glacier National Park at Montana (source: flickr)
Glacier National Park at Montana (source: flickr)

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