Roundup: Glaciovolcanic Mars, Columbia Retreat, Students Lured with Cash

More Evidence to Prove Existence of Ice-Volcanoes on Mars

Mars Glaciers







“We conclude that glaciovolcanic landforms are abundant in the Arsia Mons fan-shaped deposit. These include landforms interpreted as subglacial pillow sheets larger than any known on Earth.”

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Columbia Glacier is Rapidly Retreating: Find out Why

columbia-glacier-retreat gif









“Since the 1980s, Columbia Glacier has lost about half of its thickness, according to NASA. Between then and now, there were years with particularly rapid shedding of ice chunks, creating a “mélange” of floating icebergs that rafted together, as the NASA time-lapse images show.”

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$400 per Month to Study Glaciers? Sounds like a good deal!

people studying glaciers










“A student pursuing a doctorate in glaciology makes 47,000 Swiss francs ($49,000) a year in Switzerland, C$20,500 ($18,000) in Canada and about $14,000 in the U.S.”

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