Photo Friday: A Glacial Fear of Heights

Deep in the Canadian Rockies a glass walkway has been constructed extending ninety feet off a sudden cliff edge. The Glacier Skywalk opened in May of this year, and allows you to walk out into the empty space off the cliff’s edge and enjoy panoramic views of Jasper National Park in Alberta. Engineered by Simon J. Brown and John Kooymans with Read Jones Christoffersen Engineering, and designed by Sturgess Architecture, the walkway made out of glass, wood, and steel, and supported by an intricate cable support system, blends into the natural environment and appears to suspend itself in midair with no obvious foundation. Standing on the glass bend almost eight hundred fifty feet above the Sunwapta valley floor you might even feel a little like a mountain glacier high above the wilderness. Photographers Eva Kurilova and Marc Roy provide some images.

Photo Friday highlights photo essays and collections from areas with glaciers. If you have photos you’d like to share, let us know in the comments, by Twitter @glacierhub or email us at

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