Climate change horror at the center of “Blood Glacier”
Scientists make a shocking discovery in the Alps in the Austrian horror movie “Blood Glacier” (IFC Midnight)

At a remote climate change monitoring station high in the Austrian Alps, a group of climate scientists discovered a glacier oozing blood. This blood is highly mutagenic, transforming the creatures that come into contact with it into aggressive, terrifying monsters.

“Blood Glacier”, an Austrian horror film, begins with the not-so-farfetched premise that melting glaciers will cause massive changes in the ecosystem. Shot on location in Italy’s South Tyrolean Alps, the movie takes a page from John Carpenter’s “The Thing,” in which a group of scientists in a remote, icy outpost awaken an otherworldly horror that picks them off one by one.

This is the basic plot of “Blood Glacier,” a movie that on one hand can be seen as a straightforward monster flick, and can be interpreted as a metaphor for the unknown, scary future we face with a changing climate on the other hand. Monster movies have often dealt with human fears of the unknown, and anxieties about meddling with nature (Godzilla, anyone?).

The killer blood at this melting glacier seems to be Mother Nature retaliating against humanity for threatening her. The metaphor is a bit sloppy, but “Blood Glacier” is definitely an early example of a horror movie about climate change.

“Blood Glacier” is available on iTunes and IFC Films on demand.


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