GlacierHub is Moving to a New Home

21 May 2020, by

The website GlacierHub is moving today to join State of the Planet, the blog of Columbia University’s Earth Institute.

Video of the Week: Icefall at Alaska’s Portage Glacier

20 May 2020, by

In this week’s Video of the Week, a spectacular calving event at Alaska’s Portage Glacier creates dangerous waves beneath the iced-over glacial lake, threatening hikers with sub-ice waves that ripple and buckle the surface.

Iceberg Melt Rates and Glacier Frontal Ablation: Seller and Heim Glacier, Antarctica

19 May 2020, by

A new study re-emphasizes the importance of considering the ocean’s role in forcing changes on ocean-terminating glaciers.

Roundup: Melting Glaciers Move Borders, Peruvian Study Opens Door for Glacial Research, and Glacier Meltwater Acoustics

18 May 2020, by

In this week’s Roundup read about how melting glaciers are shifting a border in Europe, how a glacial runoff study in Peru opened a door for research, and what the sounds glaciers make can show us about their health.

Photo Friday: Piecing Together an Adventure During Quarantine

15 May 2020, by

If you are going stir crazy at home as quarantine continues and are looking for a way to escape reality, try solving a jigsaw puzzle that takes you on a journey to the top of an ice-capped mountain. Actually, solving jigsaw puzzles does provide a metaphorical escape from the times in life when we we’ve seemingly lost all control. They have been proven to boost mental health by offering psychological order to the chaos we feel around us.

A Minority of Peruvian Mountain Farmers Benefit From Government Pandemic Programs

14 May 2020, by

The Peruvian government declared the sale of flowers and ornamental plants to be “essential” to the nation, but longstanding barriers limit retail to formal enterprises, shutting out an estimated 70% of the country’s growers. Farmers in the highlands of Peru are among the most impacted.

Video of the Week: Coronavirus Protests in Pakistani Karakoram

13 May 2020, by

Protests sparked by the coronavirus have broken out in the Astore District in northern Pakistan. This region is home to many glaciers, which heavily influence the lives of local communities.

No Change in Black Carbon Levels on Peruvian Glaciers, Despite Pandemic Quarantine

12 May 2020, by

An interview with Peruvian glaciologist Wilmer Rodriguez, who reports that despite the global coronavirus shutdown, anthropogenic black carbon levels on glaciers in Peru remains steady.

Roundup: Norwegian Glacier Change, Climbing Federation Refocuses Priorities, and Antarctic Meltwater Influence on Phytoplankton

11 May 2020, by

In this week’s Roundup, read about the uniform retreat of recently advancing Norwegian glaciers, the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation’s restated priorities, and how Antarctic meltwater is influencing phytoplankton, the base of marine food webs.

Photo Friday: The 2020 Greenland Melt Season is Underway

8 May 2020, by

The National Snow and Ice Data Center resumed daily monitoring of the 2020 Greenland melt season. The interactive chart, which is updated daily, provides a contextual look at ongoing melt across the ice sheet and its outlet glaciers.

Video of the Week: Quechua Artist Raps in Mountain Landscape

6 May 2020, by

Bouncing Latin trap beats mix with the whistling sound of the quena, a Peruvian wind instrument of the Andes, in rapper-singer Renata Flores’ latest music video “Qam hina,” released this past fall.

Q & A with Artist Activist Diane Burko

5 May 2020, by

Diane Burko is an artist whose practice is situated at the intersection of art, science and the environment, embracing issues of climate change. Her new series invites the viewer to wonder and engage through a time-based, lenticular medium.