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  • Photo Friday: Mer de Glace, a “Sea of Ice”

    A trip to the French Alps, home of the famous Mont Blanc and majestic Mer de Glace, or “Sea of Ice,” inspired this author to consider the tragedy of a glacier-less world for future generations.

  • Photo Friday: Capturing Climate Change Through Art

    This Photo Friday, view Zaria Forman’s painstakingly drawn, detailed pastel drawings that transport viewers to remote areas and showcase landscapes in flux.

  • Roundup: Climate justice, Impacts of Glacial Retreat, and Sediments

    In this week’s roundup, we look at an indigenous Peruvian farmer’s fight for climate justice, impacts of glacial retreat in the tropical Andes, and increasing sediment delivery to global oceans from Greenland’s ice sheets.

  • Photo of Denali

    Comment Period Still Open on Proposed Fee Hikes at National Parks

    On October 24, the National Park Service announced a proposed increase in peak-season entry fees at 17 national parks, including at some parks with glaciers. In some cases the proposal could more than double the single vehicle entry fee from $30 to $70, creating obstacles for low and middle income visitors wanting to enjoy America’s natural splendor.

  • Let it Snow… and Save a Glacier

    News about shrinking glaciers is not uncommon, but have you ever heard of regrowing one artificially? That is exactly what a team of researchers intends to do: use snow machines, also known as Schneekanonen (snow-cannons) in German, to save Morteratsch Glacier in the Swiss Alps. Felix Keller, a glaciologist at the Academia Engiadina in Switzerland,…

  • Photo Friday: Glaciers in Films

    Magnificent, beautiful and mysterious, glaciers are a critical part of nature. For thousands years, humans have responded to glaciers through art, incorporating them in paintings, poems, folk songs, and more recently, movies. With the development of modern arts, specifically the film industry, glaciers have popped up in a range of creative endeavors from documentaries to…

  • Photo Friday: Jotunheimen National Park

    Jotunheimen National Park in southern Norway contains more than 250 mountains, including Norway’s two tallest peaks, Galdhøpiggen (2469 metres above sea level) and Glittertind (2465 metres above sea level). Its name means “Home of the Giants” and it is located within the Scandinavian Mountains. Its glacier-carved landscape is a popular camping, hiking and fishing location,…

  • Ice-core Evidence of Copper Smelting 2700 Years Ago

    The mysterious Moche civilization originated on the northern coast of Peru in 200-800 AD. It was known for its metal work, considered by some to be the most accomplished of any Andean civilization. But were the Moche the first Andean culture to originate copper smelting in South America? While the Moche left comprehensive archaeological evidence of an early…

  • Kaitlin Kinsley

    Roundup: Studying and Dancing to Melting Glaciers

    Dancing to the tune of a melting glacier: CoMotion tackles climate change From Missoulian:    “If someone suggested you watch artists perform an hour-long dance about climate change, you might shoot them your best ‘have-you-lost-your-mind’ look. But your curiosity level might be raised, too. When Karen Kaufmann’s phone rang in February 2015 and the caller asked her…

  • Photo Friday: Studying Microbes on Glacier

    Any avid hiker or mountaineer would agree life as a scientist studying microbes on glaciers is not too bad. Just look the business trips they get to make. Italian scientists Dr. Andrea Franzetti, environmental microbiologist, and his colleague Dr. Roberto Ambrosini, ecologist, took a trip to Baltoro Glacier in Pakistan to collect data and bacteria…