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  • Roundup: Separating Islands, Research Forum, and Acid Rock Drainage

    In this week’s roundup, learn about separating islands due to glacier retreat, a new forum advancing glacier research in Pakistan, and environmental implications of acid rock drainage.

  • Alaska Governor Issues Order on Climate Change Strategy

    Alaska Governor Bill Walker has issued an order on climate change strategy, with the intention to create a flexible and long-lasting framework for Alaskans to build a strategic response to climate change. Walker has also appointed members of a climate action leadership team to design the strategy and work on mitigation, research and investigate ways to reduce the impacts of climate change.

  • Glacier Retreat Impacts the Winter Olympics

    The 2018 Olympic Winter Games in South Korea are quickly approaching. How have melting glaciers impacted the beloved Games, and how are Olympic officials and athletes responding to it?

  • As Alaska Glaciers Shrink, Salmon Populations May Also Decline

    A new study investigates the future impacts of climate change on healthy salmon populations in the Alaska region through a case study based on the Kenai river and the Chinook salmon. This topic is of great importance for the fishing communities: indigenous, sport and commercial fishers in the area.

  • Glacier Retreat and Trace-Metal Contamination in Peru

    A recent study provided a comprehensive assessment of the extent of trace-metal contamination across the Rio Santa basin, one of the largest and most important rivers in the Cordillera Blanca range.

  • Cooperation in the Face of Glacier Retreat: The Plants’ Story

    As new areas become exposed as glaciers retreat, plants begin to colonize them. Do the different species support or compete with one another? A recent study published in the Journal of Vegetation examines this interaction in southern Norway.

  • Let it Snow… and Save a Glacier

    News about shrinking glaciers is not uncommon, but have you ever heard of regrowing one artificially? That is exactly what a team of researchers intends to do: use snow machines, also known as Schneekanonen (snow-cannons) in German, to save Morteratsch Glacier in the Swiss Alps. Felix Keller, a glaciologist at the Academia Engiadina in Switzerland,…

  • Glacier Retreat Exposes New Breeding Ground for Kelp Gulls in Antarctica

    Glacier retreat caused by anthropogenic climate change is often in the news because of its impacts on sea level rise and shrinking habitats. However, a recent study published by Lee et al. in the Journal of Ethology has found that glacier retreat on King George Island could have a positive impact on kelp gulls, exposing…

  • BREAKING: Ryan Zinke Confirmed as Interior Secretary, Talks Glacier Retreat

    It’s official. The Senate voted today to confirm Rep. Ryan Zinke (R–MT) as the nation’s next Secretary of the Interior. The strong majority confirmation vote of 68-31 gives Zinke, a Westerner and fourth–generation Montanan, commanding power over the nation’s most prized public lands and wildlife as well as 70,000 employees, 280,000 volunteers, and a $12 billion annual…

  • Research Shows How Climate Change Drives Glacier Retreat

    Shrinking glaciers are oft-cited examples of the effects of anthropogenic climate change, providing dramatic imagery in different parts of the world. However, this has mostly been based on global aggregates of glacier extent. Differing opinions also exist about the best way to measure glacial change all over the world.  A recent study by Roe et…