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  • Geochemical Evolution of Meltwater from Glacier Snow to Proglacial Lake

    Supraglacial streams on Canada Glacier, a dry valley glacier located in the Taylor Valley of Antarctica, exhibit unique geochemical compositions, influenced by the wind-driven terrestrial input from the valley floor. This unique geochemistry extends into the proglacial streams, which influences the chemistry of the lake and ultimately the sea.

  • Roundup: Martian Glaciers, Icebergs, and Ice-Diving Drones

    In this week’s roundup, read about Martian glaciers, iceberg increases in the North Atlantic, and a story on ice-diving drones embarking on a dangerous mission in Antartica.

  • Photo Friday: Capturing Climate Change Through Art

    This Photo Friday, view Zaria Forman’s painstakingly drawn, detailed pastel drawings that transport viewers to remote areas and showcase landscapes in flux.

  • Roundup: Glacier Tourism, Running Records, and Ancient Tree Stumps

    In this week’s roundup, we explore China’s decision to halt tourism at a shrinking glacier, a new running record on an Antarctic glacier, and a 3000-year-old tree stump found under a melting Icelandic glacier.

  • Roundup: A Melting Iceberg, Cryoconites, and Lichens

    In this week’s roundup, we explore how melting icebergs affect aquatic ecosystems, cryoconite bacterial communities on glaciers of the Tibetan Plateau, and lichen diversity on glacier moraines in Svalbard.

  • Roundup: Ice-cliff Instability, Buffers, and Glacial Retreat

    In this week’s roundup, learn about future Antarctic Ice-sheet retreat, glacial buffering power and how Asia’s glaciers will behave in a warmer world.

  • Photo Friday: New Polynya in East Antarctica

    A new polynya has formed in the ice to the east of the Antarctic Peninsula. This ice is primarily sea ice, but also contains icebergs which have calved from the peripheral glaciers on the Antarctic Peninsula.


    Roundup: Glacier News from India, Antarctica, and Kazakhstan

    Trekkers Stranded on Indian Glacier From The Indian Express: “Four trekkers, three from New Delhi and one from West Bengal, who were trying to trek to Kedarnath from Badrinath, have been stranded at an altitude of about 4,000 meters at Panpatia Glacier, which is situated in Rudraprayag district.” Read more about rescue efforts here.  …

  • Photo Friday: Inside Glacier Caves

    Caves can form within glaciers as a result of water running through or under a glacier. They are often called ice caves, but the term more accurately describes caves in bedrock that contain ice throughout the year. Water usually forms on the glacier’s surface through melting, before flowing down a moulin (vertical to nearly vertical shafts…

  • Roundup: Kyrgyz-Style Wakeboarding and Antarctica

    Roundup: Kyrgyz Wakeboarding and Antarctica Extreme Sports, Kyrgyz-Style From RadioFreeEurope: “Almaz Smailkulov, a Kyrgyz athlete, has taken wakeboarding to a new level, creating his own version of the sport.” You can view the video here.   East Antarctica’s Totten Ice Shelf is Warming From Nature: “On a glorious January morning in 2015, the Australian icebreaker…