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  • Alaska Governor Issues Order on Climate Change Strategy

    Alaska Governor Bill Walker has issued an order on climate change strategy, with the intention to create a flexible and long-lasting framework for Alaskans to build a strategic response to climate change. Walker has also appointed members of a climate action leadership team to design the strategy and work on mitigation, research and investigate ways to reduce the impacts of climate change.

  • As Alaska Glaciers Shrink, Salmon Populations May Also Decline

    A new study investigates the future impacts of climate change on healthy salmon populations in the Alaska region through a case study based on the Kenai river and the Chinook salmon. This topic is of great importance for the fishing communities: indigenous, sport and commercial fishers in the area.

  • Photo Friday: A Look at Wolverine Glacier

    Wolverine Glacier is a valley glacier in the coastal mountains of Alaska. It has been experiencing more variability in winter temperatures.

  • No-Fly Zone Administered Over Glacier Crash Site

    In 1952, a military plane crashed into Mount Gannett, 50 miles east of Anchorage, killing all 52 people on board. It was found in 2012, but has taken years to retrieve the remains because rescuers can only travel in June, when conditions are safest on Colony Glacier. The receding glacier made the crash visible but has also allowed sightseers on helicopters to travel there, risking disturbing the remains and the removal of artifacts. As a result, a no-fly zone was administered by the Federal Aviation Administration to stop people from visiting.

  • Using Kayaks and Drones to Explore Glaciers

    Field study sounds cool: a group of scientists take boats out into untraveled waters on an important scientific mission, even witnessing extraordinary scenery like an iceberg calving event along the journey. However, the breathtaking beauty of such a trip can also come at a price, sometimes even human life! “I like working in Alaska, but…

  • Photo Friday: Aleutian Islands from the Sky, Sea and Space

    The Aleutian Islands which separate the Bering Sea from the Pacific Ocean, consist of a series of islands and islets that contain 40 active and 17 inactive volcanoes.

  • First-time Visits to an Alaskan Glacier Just Got More Expensive

    The thought of being able to drive right up to a glacier seems strange to most people. However, that is how visitors have accessed Matanuska Glacier in Alaska thanks to a privately-owned road that leads to a parking area near the glacier’s debris-covered section. For years, visitors with various experiences and interests have been able…

  • Roundup: Putin’s Arctic Visit, Glacier Tours, and Pollutants

    Roundup: Putin, Glacier Tours and Pollutants Vladimir Putin Visits Arctic Glacier From The Telegraph: “President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday visited an Arctic archipelago, part of Russia’s efforts to reaffirm its foothold in the oil-rich region. On a tour of the Franz Josef Land archipelago, a sprawling collection of islands where the Russian military has recently built a new runway…

  • How Arctic and Subarctic Peoples Perceive Climate Change

    Indigenous Arctic and Subarctic communities face social and environmental challenges that could impact their traditional knowledge systems and livelihoods, decreasing their adaptive capacity to climate change. In a paper featured in Ecology and Society, Nicole Herman-Mercer et al. discuss recent research that took place during an interdisciplinary project called Strategic Needs of Water on the…

  • Photo Friday: The Glacial Alaska Range

    The Alaska Range is a narrow, 700-kilometer mountain range defined by rugged peaks and large U-shaped glacial valleys. The range lies in the southeast corridor of Alaska and is home to Denali, the tallest peak in North America. The Alaska range is part of the American Cordillera and possesses peaks only trumped by those in…