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  • Photo Friday: Mer de Glace, a “Sea of Ice”

    A trip to the French Alps, home of the famous Mont Blanc and majestic Mer de Glace, or “Sea of Ice,” inspired this author to consider the tragedy of a glacier-less world for future generations.

  • Photo Friday: Mingyong Glacier

    Mingyong Glacier’s recession has substantial environmental consequences for the remote Tibetan villages.

  • Villagers in Bhilangana Valley Satisfied with High Tourism Rates

    A new paper published in the South Asian Journal for Tourism and Heritage describes the positive impacts of tourism on the villages of the Bhilangana Valley, which is nested in a section of the Indian Himalayas popular with tourists.

  • An Interview on Patagonian Imaginaries

    A recent paper in the Journal of Latin American Geography, “The Patagonian Imaginary: Natural Resources and Global Capitalism at the Far End of the World,” analyzes the construction of southern Andean Patagonia as an “ecoregion,” a label that has come to dominate the representation of the glaciated territory of Chile and Argentina. Through this representation, resource…

  • Glacial Retreat Closes Snow Park in Austria

    A popular off-season freestyle snow park located on the Dachstein glacier in Austria has cancelled its fall season due to glacial retreat. The Superpark Dachstein became a favorite destination for local and international pro skiers and snowboarders, including Polish rider Adrian Smardz, to train during the summer months. Due to a lack of snow, the park…

  • A New Ingredient to Whiskey: Glacial Water

    Glacier Distilling, a locally-owned distillery in Montana, next to Glacier National Park, uses glacier water in the production of their craft whiskeys. The distillery uses pure glacial water from the Northern Rockies and locally grown grains to produce an alpine whiskey.

  • Photo Friday: Icebergs at Berg Lake

    Known for these floating icebergs and bright bluish-green water, the lake and the glacier are popular destinations for hikers. Berg Glacier sits atop the tallest peak in the Canadian Rocky Mountains – Mount Robson.

  • Photo Friday: Inside Glacier Caves

    Caves can form within glaciers as a result of water running through or under a glacier. They are often called ice caves, but the term more accurately describes caves in bedrock that contain ice throughout the year. Water usually forms on the glacier’s surface through melting, before flowing down a moulin (vertical to nearly vertical shafts…

  • Samar Khan Becomes First Woman to Cycle on Biafo Glacier

    Glaciers draw attention to some of society’s most entrenched issues. Samar Khan cycled 800 kilometers to the Biafo Glacier in northern Pakistan, where she rode on the 4,500 meter high glacier, one of the most elevated rides on glaciers in the world and becoming the first woman to do so. She is from Pakistani, a country where women’s rights are improving but there still exists an extreme disparity between men’s rights and women’s, which is one of the reasons Ms. Khan decided to pursue this goal.

  • First-time Visits to an Alaskan Glacier Just Got More Expensive

    The thought of being able to drive right up to a glacier seems strange to most people. However, that is how visitors have accessed Matanuska Glacier in Alaska thanks to a privately-owned road that leads to a parking area near the glacier’s debris-covered section. For years, visitors with various experiences and interests have been able…