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  • Photo Friday: Studying Glacier Debris in the Himalayas

    This Photo Friday view photos from the Ngozumpa glacier in the Khumbu region of Nepal and describes how debris can influence glaciers.

  • The summit of El Ushba, a peak in the Georgian Caucasus Mountain Region

    Tracing the Glaciation of the Greater Caucasus Mountains

    Follow the remarkable methodology used by Georgian researchers in tracing the glaciation of the Caucasus Mountains during the Little Ice Age.

  • Geochemical Evolution of Meltwater from Glacier Snow to Proglacial Lake

    Supraglacial streams on Canada Glacier, a dry valley glacier located in the Taylor Valley of Antarctica, exhibit unique geochemical compositions, influenced by the wind-driven terrestrial input from the valley floor. This unique geochemistry extends into the proglacial streams, which influences the chemistry of the lake and ultimately the sea.

  • Photo of the Gulf of Alaska from space

    Roundup: Decaying Matter, Glacial Bacteria, and CO2 Uptake

    In this weeks roundup, read about the transport of nutrients and decaying matter, glacial bacteria, and how glacial runoff impacts CO2 uptake in the Gulf Alaska.

  • Photo of a glacier in the Pamir Mountains

    Glacial Retreat and Water Impacts Around the World

    A new study recently published in Nature Climate Change examines the impacts of climate change on water availability in glacierized basins.

  • Roundup: Microbial Mats, Hidden Heat, and Tree Infection

    In this week’s roundup, read about the development of microbial mats in glacier meltwater, geothermal heat hidden beneath the Greenland ice sheet, and blister infection on the Whitebark pine in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

  • Photo of the Jakobshavn glacier in Greenalnd.

    Glacial Geoengineering: The Key to Slowing Sea Level Rise?

    Could building underwater walls in front of glaciers slow down melting and possibly avert devastating sea level rise? A recent proposal examines the idea.

  • Villagers Make Glacier Tourism Sustainable in Iceland

    Across the world, glacier tourism has become increasingly popular. But how can the sustainability of this tourism be assured in years to come? A recent study from a team of Icelandic scientists argues for the value of incorporating perspectives from local communities in developing sustainable tourism.

  • North Atlantic Icebergs: Hubris, Disaster, and Safeguards

    2017 marked the fourth consecutive year of “extreme” iceberg conditions in the North Atlantic Ocean. Icebergs are created when glaciers calve, releasing pieces of ice to the sea that can be as tall as skyscrapers. Most icebergs in the North Atlantic originate in Greenland. A higher than normal calving rate of Greenland’s glaciers prompts concerns for shipping lanes.

  • Roundup: Martian Glaciers, Icebergs, and Ice-Diving Drones

    In this week’s roundup, read about Martian glaciers, iceberg increases in the North Atlantic, and a story on ice-diving drones embarking on a dangerous mission in Antartica.