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  • New Research Center Advances Glacier Agenda In Peru 

    A new agreement in Peru between a glacier research institute, INAIGEM, and a regional university, UNSAAC, was signed on August 7. It establishes a major new glacier research center in Cusco to serve southern Peru.

  • Roundup: Meltwater Buffering, Glacier National Park, and River Variability

    Glacial meltwater in the Pamir’s, shrinking glaciers in Glacier National Park, and interannual variability in river runoff in British Columbia in this week’s roundup.

  • Photo Friday: New Polynya in East Antarctica

    A new polynya has formed in the ice to the east of the Antarctic Peninsula. This ice is primarily sea ice, but also contains icebergs which have calved from the peripheral glaciers on the Antarctic Peninsula.

  • Glacier Researchers Gather at IPCC Meeting in Fiji

    Earlier this month, Fiji hosted a meeting of the lead authors for the IPCC Special Report on Oceans and the Cryosphere, including glacier researchers. This meeting was an opportunity for long days of work, and also for engagement with traditional festivities. Participants were impressed with the vulnerability of Fiji and the warmth of its people.

  • Photo Friday: An Eruption at Sheveluch

    On October 10 at 11:30 p.m., an explosion rocked the Kamchatka Peninsula in northeast Russia, where it is reported that Sheveluch, an active, glacier-covered volcano, has erupted. There are a number of glacier-covered volcanos in the region, but the Sheveluch is one of the largest volcanic structures in the Kamchatka. A plume of ashes rose…

  • China and Nepal Collaborate on Glacier Research

    China and Nepal have developed a close collaboration in glacier research. By sampling data on the north (Chinese) and south (Nepali) sides of the Himalayas, scientists from both countries can trace the movement of black carbon and heavy metals from South Asia across the mountains into the Tibetan Plateau, a topic of importance for water resources and for human health.

  • Roundup: A Glacier Bus, Andean Rivers, and Ice-Cored Moraines

    The Glacier Bus Turning Heads From Iceland Monitor: “Glacier bus Sleipnir, named after Odin’s eight-legged-horse in Norse mythology, is the largest such truck in the world. It features eight wheels and is currently being tested on Langjökull Glacier where it passes with flying colors. It features comfortable leather seats inside for passengers with views to both…

  • Major Report Stresses the Importance of Glaciers in a Global Context

    In September, a new report titled “Well Under 2 Degrees Celsius” was produced by the Committee to Prevent Extreme Climate Change, a global think-tank group made up of scientists, policy makers and military experts.


    Roundup: Glacier News from India, Antarctica, and Kazakhstan

    Trekkers Stranded on Indian Glacier From The Indian Express: “Four trekkers, three from New Delhi and one from West Bengal, who were trying to trek to Kedarnath from Badrinath, have been stranded at an altitude of about 4,000 meters at Panpatia Glacier, which is situated in Rudraprayag district.” Read more about rescue efforts here.  …

  • Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Faces Oil Drilling Threat

    For the past 30 years, extensive conservation efforts have protected the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil and gas interests. Now, the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) under the Trump administration has renewed a movement to open up the refuge to energy exploration. In a document obtained by the Washington Post on September 15, the…