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  • Peruvian Farmer Explains His Lawsuit Against Energy Firm

    In a phone interview earlier this week with GlacierHub, Saul Lliuya, a mountain guide and farmer from Huaraz in the mountains of northwestern Peru, explains how he is preparing the for the next step in his legal battle with multinational German energy corporation RWE.

  • ICIMOD Steps Up to Save Lives in Pakistan

    Imagine waking up at 4 a.m. to the wails of a siren. For Sherqilla, a small village in Pakistan, that siren was the difference between life and death.

  • One of Pilø’s team members finding an remarkably well-preserved arrow near a melting ice patch at 1900m in Jotunheimen

    Hunting for History through the Eyes of the Ice

    In the mountainous region of Norway, glacier archaeologists have recently discovered over 2,000 artifacts. Through radiocarbon dating, they have reconstructed trends in intensity of reindeer hunting and civilization from 4000 CE.

  • Photo of the Jakobshavn glacier in Greenalnd.

    Glacial Geoengineering: The Key to Slowing Sea Level Rise?

    Could building underwater walls in front of glaciers slow down melting and possibly avert devastating sea level rise? A recent proposal examines the idea.

  • Restoration of Grizzly Bear Population in North Cascades Halted

    The National Park Service has halted plans to restore the grizzly bear population in the glacier-rich North Cascades ecosystem indefinitely. The stop work order came from the office of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, which also recently delisted the Yellowstone grizzly bear after 42 years on the Endangered Species list.

  • Roundup: Glacier Collapse, Avalanche, and Loss

    In this week’s roundup, read about glacier collapse in Tibet, an avalanche at the Siachen glacier, and glacier loss in the Antarctic Peninsula.

  • North Atlantic Icebergs: Hubris, Disaster, and Safeguards

    2017 marked the fourth consecutive year of “extreme” iceberg conditions in the North Atlantic Ocean. Icebergs are created when glaciers calve, releasing pieces of ice to the sea that can be as tall as skyscrapers. Most icebergs in the North Atlantic originate in Greenland. A higher than normal calving rate of Greenland’s glaciers prompts concerns for shipping lanes.

  • View of the Marusudar River in Kashmir

    Stop the Dam(ned) Project: Outrage over the Bursar Hydroelectric Project

    The Indian government has approved the construction of a dam for hydropower on the Marusudar River without site visits required by Indian environmental law. This has sparked public concern over impacts on biodiversity and the 18 villages which will be flooded.

  • Glaciers at Risk Over Government Shutdown

    On Tuesday, national parks and glaciers received a brief reprieve from a government shutdown that threatened to indefinitely close their access. Forestalling a larger fiscal crisis, President Donald Trump signed a stopgap spending bill to reinstate funds until Feb. 8 and reopen the government. The bill allows furloughed employees to return to work for at…

  • Alaska Governor Issues Order on Climate Change Strategy

    Alaska Governor Bill Walker has issued an order on climate change strategy, with the intention to create a flexible and long-lasting framework for Alaskans to build a strategic response to climate change. Walker has also appointed members of a climate action leadership team to design the strategy and work on mitigation, research and investigate ways to reduce the impacts of climate change.